Top sites on religion

Top sites on religion
Maps of India Census of India
Walk Through India
Karl Marx had once famously quipped that ‘Religion is the sight of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opiate of the masses’. This aphorism perfectly applies to the hoi polloi in India who swear by their religious affiliations. The following websites shed light on the customs and mores of different religions, and list the different religious and pilgrimage centres in India.

Maps of India  (

Maps of India is India’s foremost cartographical website indexing maps on the nation’s topography, history, census, culture, rail, road, air and seaport networks, states & union territories, and so on. And yes, you’ll find a map on the prominent religious places in India. You’ll also find a listing of the pilgrimage centres in the states catalogued alphabetically.

Census of India  (

Census of India is the Indian government’s official website for enumerating the nation’s population growth on a periodic basis based on several parameters. The site tabulates the population distribution in the country in terms of religion, and also meticulously details the major religions in each state by percentage.

Walk Through India  (

This site has sections on ‘attractions in India’, ‘cuisines’, ‘festivals’, ‘location’ ‘sports’, ‘speed’, ‘wildlife’, and so on. Via this site, you’ll come to know about the most visited pilgrimage sites in India, most attractive heritage temples, and comprehensive listing of religious destinations in the country. (

The ‘Best Websites in India’ records the most popular portals across different categories including but not limited to telecom, banks, education, matrimonial, culture, real estate, and jobs and career. The site also features the top 10 portals on ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion’ complete with their Alexa rankings in India.

Insight India (

Insight India, though basically a travel portal also provides significant information about the modes and traditions of different religions. Through this site, you’ll come to know about the top 10 Indian temples in India in terms of architectural splendour and magnificence, and footfalls. You can also catch up with blogs on religion that have been archived chronologically till 2010. (

This site clearly outlines the subtleties and nuances of religion and endeavours to distinguish it from spirituality. By registering with the site, you’ll be able to take advantage of special offers and deals apart from being kept informed about the current state of affairs of religions in the country.

Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee  ( is the official website of SPGC. Through this portal, you’ll be able to enlighten yourself with significant facets and attributes of Sikhism. You’ll find navigating from one section to another quite convenient.  (

This portal attempts to outline the historical background of the various religions practised in the country and offers an in-depth critique of the same. You’ll be able to get a thorough grasp about religious festivals, and pilgrimage tours and sites via the hyperlinks on the site.  (

When you log in at this site, you’ll come to know that India was not only a prosperous nation in the past but also very rich culturally and socially. You’ll find blogs on religions, medical services, well-known historical structures and monuments, wildlife, and festivals and much more.  (

This portal enumerates websites and portals on religious texts, treatises, practices and rituals. The site also contains links to websites that discusses and debates on issues and aspects related to the principal Indian religions.

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