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Do you know the one unbeatable secret that snowballs a country’s rise up the ladder? Research is the reason and there can be no two answers to this seemingly tricky question. Research has propelled India to come at par with the world. A chunk of India’s economy is invested for the scientists and researchers to add feathers to India’s cap. Research has diverse ambit and copious streams. If you are interested to feel the pulse of the research scenario of India, zoom into the websites. For you bestindiansites.com has gathered the topmost websites on Indian research.

isro.org (www.www.isro.org)

Studying the cosmos and using the astronomical eye-glass to unearth the secrets of the Universe is quite intriguing. The Indians have been showing their prowess on space studies from the age of the Aryabhattas. ISRO is the seat of Indian space research. Get knock-out information about ISRO and its programmes and the milestones set by it. Tour up the Universe with ISRO.

csir.res.in (www.csir.res.in)

The council for scientific and Industrial research has launched its website. Check out their press room for latest events, events calendar and achievements. If you have the appetite to scrutinize their business modules and the intrinsic CISR story, then just glide through. Even find the key to a skyrocket career with them. And if you mean business get updated on their tender notifications. For those who are not very comfortable with English lexicon, click on the Hindi link and you would be enrouted to the Hindi version of the website.

icar.org.in (www.icar.org.in)

India is a home to agriculture. Many researches are canonized here to increase the productivity of the country. Grab the news on the admission procedures for the ensuing academic year, read up articles to enrich your knowledge base. Get unmistakable information on the agricultural research programs, weather and weather based agricultural management plan, National agricultural innovation project, Indo-US agricultural knowledge initiative, higher education schemes and host of other integral topics.

iisc.ernet.in (www.iisc.ernet.in)

Executing research from a premier institute is harboured by many slated for academic career. IISc is a benchmark institute to give fuel to your dream's engine. This website gives you information on the academic module, the amenities and privileges you can enjoy, the online resources that they offer, library and e-journal facilities and a floodlight on the researches done by far. The website probes into the contour of the research courses offered by IISc. There is even a Hindi version of the website in case you would like to gauge into the intricacies of this institute prima facie.

ugc.ac.in/inside (www.ugc.ac.in/inside)

Are you seriously thinking of treading the research grounds? Do you want to acquire vital information on how to open the floodgates of research for you? This is the website for University Grants Commission. Your gateway to NET is just a click away. Remain updated on the examination dates and venues, access NET exam results unhindered, read reviews of NET, NET schedule and scope of NET and SLET. You can even grab old question papers to get cue on how to prepare for the entrance test. Just visit the site to be handsomely equipped.

ranbaxy.com (www.ranbaxy.com)

The Indian pharmaceutical company, Ranbaxy is renowned worldwide for undertaking extensive research activities in the field of biotechnology and medicine. When it comes to research, Ranbaxy is a premier pharmaceutical company in India. The drugs which are manufactured by this pharma giant are popular not only in India but also in most other places of the world. Having the finest R&D facilities, its core competency lies in the areas of producing generic pharm products, value added pharma products, value added generic pharmaceuticals, branded generics, API's and intermediates.

cyberjournalist.org.in (www.cyberjournalist.org.in)

Scouting for research institutes of India? Click on this portal and you will find a comprehensive list of the premier research institutes of India. India allocates a large sum of money every year for carrying out research and development activities. So don’t waste any time -- Acquaint yourself with the leading research institutes of India by logging on to this portal.

tifr.res.in (www.tifr.res.in)

Introduce yourself to the leading research institutes of India by clicking on this portal. This portal will acquaint you with the top Indian research institutes, undertaking research activities in the field of science and technology. Here you will get comprehensive information on these premier research institutes of India. Check-out the deemed universities of India. Log on to this portal and equip yourself with in-depth information on the top research institutes of India which will prove extremely useful to you if you are thinking of carrying out research work in India.

dbtindia.nic.in (www.dbtindia.nic.in)

Want to pursue research in Biotechnology? This web based link will take you to the homepage of the department of Biotechnology of the Ministry of science and technology under the Government of India. This site is enormously informative about the bio technology programs, institutions where this field of study is on offer, latest publications on biotechnology, project on biotechnology and research fellowship on offer for biotechnology. So, if you are looking for a portal which will answer all your queries regarding biotechnology, this is indeed the place for you.

teriin.org (www.teriin.org)

This is the web portal of The Energy and Resources Institute abbreviated as the TERI. TERI is a premier research institute of India. For the last 25 years it has been actively engaged in research and innovation. Glean comprehensive information on this leading research institute of India by dropping in at this portal. Check-out the various research projects of TERI. Take a look at their case-studies. The portal is enabled with a search box to make your search exciting and convenient.

www.bestindiansites.com provides in-depth insight into various topics. Continue visiting this site and always keep yourself informed and updated.