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A restaurant is a place that serves prepared food and beverages to order, to be consumed on the premises. The word restaurant refers to a multiplicity of venues and a diversity of styles of cuisine. Restaurants are sometimes also a feature of a larger complex, typically a hotel, where the dining amenities are provided for the facility of the residents. Such restaurants within the hotel premises are often also open to non-residents. Restaurants range from unpretentious lunching or dining places catering to people working nearby, with simple food served in simple settings at low prices, to expensive establishments serving refined food and wines in a formal setting. Restaurants often specialize in certain type of cuisine however multi cuisine restaurants are also quite prevalent. However, depending on local customs and the establishment, restaurants may or may not serve alcoholic drinks.


If you are an out and out foodie who lives in and around Bangalore, who just canít do without gorging on different types of cuisine this is gem of site for you. This site enlists the restaurants and eateries in the vicinity of Bangalore. The contact numbers and the requisite details about all these prominent restaurants of Bangalore are provided here. So don't wait just log into this site and them embark on a culinary tour.


This is a one stop guide to all the restaurants in Bombay. So this site brings good tidings for the residents of Bombay for now if they want to go restaurant hopping all that they have to do is to log into this site and search for good restaurants in their area. The different types of food served in these restaurants, their contact detail and an authentic review of the kind of services these restaurants provide are all enunciated here.


Want to enjoy some exceptionally good grub? Nirula's is just the kind of place which would provide you full satisfaction with mouth watering and reasonably priced confectioneries and food. This is a restaurant which has created a niche in the arena of Indian restaurants. They also have a separate pastry shops and Ice cream parlor. Here you can find the location of the different restaurants of the Nirula's chain. You can order some of their products online also. So log into the site and set out to enjoy a delectable meal at Nirula's.


McDonalds fast food restaurants is the main initiator of the fast food fad in the world. But now they are in India too catering and modifying their range of western burgers and fries to suit the Indian palate. If you are a fast food junkie who just canít do without your daily quota of burger and fries this would be a gem of a site for you. This site gives you the location of all the Macdonald throughout India and also enlists their range of foodstuff they offer. So whichever part of India are you in, now you can log into this site and check out the nearest Macdonald's outlet and enjoy a heavenly meal of burger and fries.


Goa has a multitude of restaurants spread across its length and breadth. The sun and surf of Goa is bound to make you hungry and if you decide to go for a mouthwatering experience this site furnishes you with all the pertinent details about the renowned restaurants of Goa which serve a wide array of food from rich Punjabi cuisine to, hefty Gujrati thalis, tasty Mangalorean treat to Udipi style food. Last but not the list the restaurants serving authentic Goanese cuisine are also enlisted.


If you are hunting for a good restaurant in and around Chennai then look no more. This site brings to you the entire list of restaurants in Chennai. All kinds of restaurants serving from traditional south Indian fare to continental and Chinese food are all enlisted here. So if you are a Chennai resident or are out there for work now you can have a huge list of restaurants to choose from if you plan to dine out and enjoy a scrumptious meal. The URLs of these restaurants are also provided here along with their contact details so in case you want to visit their website you can do so by logging into this site.


All you Hyderabadi folks need not be disappointed for here is a site which you regale you with all the details about the top notch restaurants in Hyderabad where you can a memorable fine dining experience. For a finger licking meal you don't have to search any more now you can just visit this site and choose one restaurants from the huge list of restaurants enlisted here. These restaurants serve all kinds of cuisine catering to all kinds of taste buds. So, Bon Appetite!


This is a one stop site for you if you are looking for the best restaurants in the major cities of India. This site gives you all details about the top notch restaurants in the metro cities of India. Not only that some information about quality restaurants in foreign countries like Spain and the United Kingdom are also elucidated here. So, all you foodies now can enjoy some enticing food at the best restaurants in India with the details provided at this site.


This article will herald good news for the food connoisseurs of Kolkata too. Partha Dev Burman a famous Bengali entrepreneur is soon to open a chain of specialty restaurants in and around Kolkata. This chain of restaurants called the Nola chain of restaurants will tasty but healthy food prepared in a fully hygienic manner. Mr. Dev Burman plans to open at least 30-35 restaurants by the end of next year. The first of these restaurants are to be in the Howrah Food Park.


Now searching for good restaurants for dining out has become a cake walk for food lovers. Just log into this site and put in the area you live in along with the kind of cuisine you prefer and you will get a number of search results which would divulge you all the necessary information about restaurants which match your specifications. The phone numbers, contact details and the kind of cuisine these restaurants serve are also chronicled in detail. So don't wait and go ahead and search for a restaurant which would suit your taste buds and as well as your pocket.

For fine dining experience in reputed restaurants of India consult this web page.

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