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The term “Retail business” connotes the sale of goods or merchandise, from a fixed location such as a department store or a shop, in small or individual lots for direct consumption by the buyer. The process of retailing may include other allied services, such as delivery of the purchased products. The Purchasers of retail business may be individuals or other business houses. The retailer procures goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or importers, either directly or through a wholesaler, and then sells smaller quantities to the consumers. Retailing houses are often called shops or stores. Retailers are at the end of the supply chain. According to manufacturing marketers the process of retailing is a necessary part of their overall distribution strategy.


This site could be a one-stop site for you if you are seeking to ram up some information about the retail business scenario of India. This site provides you with a treasure trove of details on the various key players on the Indian retail scene. It furnishes you with reports and reviews about the current trends in the retail industry. This is a site which provides you with links of the major retailing outlets of India like Pantaloons, Globus, Provogue, West side, Shoppers Stop and Wills lifestyle. In this site you can also get some expert suggestions too if you are interested in investing in a retail business.


This is another gem of site for all those people who are interested in retail business in India. This insightful site is a powerhouse of information on the retail industry enlisting the major retail franchises of India. If you are interested in starting up your career in retail this site provides you with some authentic tips on how to go about it. The current trends and impulses of the Indian retail industry are also analyzed and reviewed in this site. The major retailing event around the globe such as information on World retailing congress etc. are also harped on in this site.


This article brings to you an erudite discourse on the retail scene in India. According to this article the recent retail boom in India can be accounted to the enlarged consumer population on India who are willing to pay more for quality lifestyle products these days. The involvement of Banks and financial institutions has opened new vistas for the retail chains which are mushrooming in an unprecedented manner in India. So read on and get the necessary know how about Indian retail business from this site.


This site gives you a detailed article on Pantaloons Retail India Ltd (PRL) which is one of the key players in the Indian retail scene. This company has got ambitious plans to augment its retail business in India and it is going to take the help of Information technology to materialize its goals. The key to the success of the IT enhanced retail strategy lies in the ability to network all nationwide company locations in a secure and organized manner. Previously all locations including retail outlets and warehouses were not connected directly to the head office. But now the VPN network will link all company locations including retail outlets and the manufacturing unit in phases.


This is an insightful and futuristic study of the present trends and future opportunities of retail business in India. According to the writer of this article, Pankaj Gupta who is the practice head of consumer and retail for Tata Management group, Indian retail industry has the potential of turning into a Rs 40,000crore industry by 2015.This article also regales you with myriads of details on the Indian retail scenario which is the ninth largest retail market in the world with an estimated annual retail sale of over 215 billion US dollar in the year 2005.


This article brings in good tidings for Indian consumers for it heralds the foray of world retailing giant Walmart into Indian retailing scene. Walmart has collaborated with Sunil Mittal's Bharti Enterprise which is a reputed retailing company of India. Walmart and Bharti enterprise will jointly open retails stores all over the length and breadth of India by the end of 2007. This tie up indicates that retail industry is now luring with players of Indian industry as both Tata and Reliance the two topnotch industrial houses of India have started eying the retail market.


This article informs you about the recent expansion bid by retail giant Pantaloons Retail India Limited. They plan to augment their retail space to 3 million square feet across twenty five cities of India where twelve crore Indians will be able to shop this year. In this article Pantaloons retail head Kishore Biyani clarifies the stand that Pantaloon Retail Indian limited is going to take regarding its business strategy. He also throws light on the position of Pantaloons in the Indian retail scenario.


SAP India is the market leader in providing business software to retailers in India as well as the other parts of the globe. With this article SAP India Ltd declares its latest initiative to open a SAP center of Excellence for Retail and thus it tries to capture the highly competitive Indian retail market. They have rightly recognized that Indian retailer are increasingly relying on technology as a key force in helping them excel and is looking for guidance for technology initiatives to make their functioning more smooth. According to SAP representatives working with Sun and SAP, retailers can shorten their development and deployment schedule by several months and ultimately save a lot of man-hours.


This article elaborates on the successes of retail giant HP which has attained the high water mark of opening 700 retail outlets across India. These reseller retail stores pf HP India carry the entire portfolio of HP's imaging and printing products from ink jet printers, scanners, all-in-one devices, entry-level laser printers, Compaq Presario home PCs to Presario notebooks. Here HP head Mr Mathur rightly boasts of a highly successful retail strategy that has enabled HP to enhance the number of it retail outlets from 450 to 700 within a mere span of six months.


This article underscores the plethora of changes that Indian retailing sector is undergoing in the recent years. It then informs about the upcoming India Retail Report 2007 which is to be a truly international presentation in a coffee table format. This India Retail Report 2007 will also carry visionary thoughts of Shri Kamal Nath, Dr. Ajay K Dua, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It will also incorporate 40 thought leaders from the retail industry covering almost every aspects of retail business. This report will profile formats and retailers of India. The study, full of facts and figures, published in this report is expected to reveal many interesting facets of the Indian retail industry that could open up newer vistas of business both for the established retails biggies and the new comers as well.

Sum up the retail industry of India with the help of this page.

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