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If music is your food of love then this is the place to be. Cater to your sense and listen to romantic music from the entertainment industry. Romance brings a new edge to life and when it can be combined with music then nothing like it. Music expresses every emotion and when it comes to romance, romantic music best expresses the innermost feelings that you might find difficult to bring out. lists the top sites on romantic music to cater to your needs.

Listen to all the sweet melodies this site has to offer. This site is a treat for all you lovers of romantic music. Come explore the galore of romantic music that they have and experience ecstasy. Inform yourself about the forth coming releases and also listen to music online all here in this music channel.

B4u caters to your need for good romantic music, music from all spheres and music for all age groups. Encompassing the Hindi entertainment industry at large, B4u brings you music from all the beautiful movies the industry makes as well as the music album it creates. There is a lot you can do in this site. For more exciting things visit the site.

You will find all kinds of Hindi music in this site. If you are looking for romantic music from any particular Hindi cinema, you will find it here. So take a look and please your ears. The songs are easy to download and takes only few minutes. Try this site out. You can even listen to the songs online. For more information, visit the site. (

This site brings you all kinds of music from the entertainment industry. You will find everything here beginning from old time classics to the new age romantic music. Besides Hindi they have songs from many regional languages too. Take a look. Listen to all the romantic music that you want. Visit the site for more.

Listen to romantic music of your choice in this site. They have ghazals, music from films, old romantic music as well as the new age songs. You can search for a particular type of music and also listen to any other kind that you want. There are melodies from the 70’s. There is romantic music for ‘him’ and for ‘her’. Take a look now.

Get your video archives from down South. Drool in the melodies of your favourite romantic music videos and download them to add to your list. Listen to the songs online, watch the videos or you can simply download them on your computer. There is a whole list from where you can choose yours. There is more on the site. You will see it once you visit the site. So, hurry up and find out for yourself. (

Read reviews of the top chartbusters of the time. Find the latest romantic music video on top of the list. Jive to the tune and tap your legs to the soothing tunes of your favourite romantic music. Himesh Reshammiya is the talk of the town. His songs occupy the top position. Read reviews on his song on this site. For more information visit the site. brings you the latest from Hollywood. Listen to romantic music tracks that are on the hot list, tracks that have made a permanent place for themselves. Listen to remixes, of these romantic music and also new compilations. Rate the song of your choice and you can also mail them to a friend. This site not only gives you songs from Hollywood but also from down South. Find out more. Click on the link and plug in.

For your latest update on romantic music, visit MTV and you will emerge with a fresh mind, heart and soul. Go hip hop with them and tap to their soothing tunes. Find romantic music of your choice in this site. Listen to them online or just wait to hear them out later. When you want to listen to something serene or romantic, visit this site. For more on romantic music visit the site.

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