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Love touches anybody, anytime. Not everyone is able to express oneself. But it is said and also popularly believed that feelings are best expressed through romantic quotations etched by those who can create magic with words. Quotations give a deeper meaning to words you say. When it comes to love and romance, quotations play an important role in making you more expressive to your lover and also making a good impression.

It is really easier to pen down your feelings rather than speaking them out. However, adding that special touch to any relationship always helps. Romantic quotations add that extra flavour to a relationship. Internet has a large repository of websites catering to quotes. Here are the top 10 romantic quotation sites to help you choose the best quote to convey your feeling to your lover:

Heart Felt Words :(

Heart Felt Words is one of the best romantic quotation sites in the World Wide Web. The quotes are categorized according to various love emotions like funny, sad and sweet, and age like teen. You can also find romantic movie quotes, those written by Shakespeare and ones mentioned in the Bible.

Links 2 Love:(

This has one of the largest collections of love quotes online. It has a vast variety of romantic quotations like those about the heart, kissing, magnetic feeling, break up and from songs. The site also has graphical representation of quotes, a calendar with each day highlighting a romantic quotation and even those from Facebook.

Love Quotes: Romantic Lyrics:(

Songs are a constant source of romantic quotations in the present age. This website has a large collection of romantic lyrics. Its love quotes section singles out verses and sentences from romantic films and songs and gives you a gamut of quotations choices from its database.

Quotes: My Dear Valentine:(

This is another famous website about romance and relationship. Its “Quotes” tab categorizes the love quotations into various ways, including romance quotes, relationship quotes, pleasure quotes and love dialogues. There are love quotes in different languages as well here like Spanish, German, Italian and French.

Love Quotations: DGreetings:(

DGreetings is a popular e-greetings websites. Apart from a good collection of romantic quotations, it also has images with selected love quotes written in them. The site allows users to send quotes as well to their loved one through their quotation sending facility.

Romantic Quotes:(

This website is a dedicated portal of quotations about love and romance. The quotes here are categorized into funny, romantic, true love, kissing and love. Each of these categories has a list of quotations by famous personalities like P.B. Shelley, Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie and Samuel Jackson.

Romantic Love: Think Exist(

Think Exist is a well known quotation website. Its section on romantic quotes has a variety of love quotations by famous writers, poets, statesmen and other celebrities. Each quote is tagged with labels that can be further searched to find quotes of the similar kind.

Romantic Quotes: Romance Ideas:(

This website discusses all aspects of love and romance from dating ideas and love stories to romantic movies to vacations. It also has a major section on the “Best Romantic Quotes”. You can find here different pages for quotes on romantic love, friendship, marriage and sad love.

Love Quotes: Twilight bridge: (

Twilight Bridge is a site with information on various holidays. Its Valentine section has a page with large number of Love Quotes by famous personalities like Charles Dickens, Zelda Fitzgerald, Lord Tennyson, Robert Frost and Woody Allen.

Love Quotes: Flowing Love(

Flowing Love is a website that celebrates love and romance. It has an array of topics discussing romance and issues related to love. Its section on love quotes have romantic quotations said by people like Kahil Gibran, Jon Morgan and Peter Ustinov, and many of them are mentioned in the verses of the Bible.

Some other Websites providing Romantic Quotations:

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