Top 10 Romantic Indian Authors and Books

Top 10 Romantic Indian Authors and Books
Two StatesI Too Had a Love Story
If Itís Not Forever. Itís Not LoveCan Love Happen Twice?
Accidentally In LoveFew Things Left Unsaid
I Am HeartlessThe Chieftainís Daughter
DevdasA Good Indian Wife
Romanticism is a rebellion against classicism, a sense of struggle between the dream of heavenly perfection and the experience of human inadequacy and guilt. It is magical, dramatic, surprising and full of adventure. Romanticism believes in the goodness of humanity. It encourages the development of naturalistic pride and uses everyday diction. Our romantic writers however, do not always follow the usual norms of romanticism while writing.
Romance has always been a hot topic for books and novels in India. In the past decade this genre has gained recognition with numerous young and talents new age authors writing love story books mostly in the backdrop of urban India. Here are the top 10 romantic books in India:

List of Top 10 Romantic Indian Authors and Books

Two States -- Chetan Bhagat :

Two States is a love story between two culturally different individuals, Ananya and Krish, who wish to convince their respective disagreeing families to let them get married. This bestselling novel is inspired by the writer Chetan Bhagat.

I Too Had a Love Story -- Ravinder Singh :

I Too Had a Love Story is a romantic and heart touching story about Ravin and Khushi. It is a best-selling novel in India and considered one of the best romantic novels of this generation in the country. The novel is written by Ravinder Singh.

If Itís Not Forever. Itís Not Love. -- Durjoy Datta & Nikita Singh :

If Itís Not Forever. Itís Not Love is a romantic novel published by the Grapevine India Publishers in 2011. Written by Durjoy Datta & Nikita Singh, the story is about a diary the novelís protagonist, Deb found bomb blast afflicted Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

Can Love Happen Twice? -- Ravinder Singh : (

Sequel to the bestselling novel "I Too Had a Love Story", Ravinder Singh does it again with "Can Love Happen Twice?". This novel picks up the protagonist Ravinís life story after where the first novel had ended. The story has its moments with emotions, humor and romance.

Accidentally In Love -- Nikita Singh : (

Accidentally in Love is a modern love story that deals with open relationships and the emotional confusion that follows. Written by Nikita Singh and published by Grapevine India Publishers, the book is for teen adults written in a bold and explicit way.

Few Things Left Unsaid -- Sudeep Nagarkar : (

Writer Sudeep Nagarkarís first novel strikes a chord with hopeless romantics through ďFew Things Left UnsaidĒ. The story is set in an engineering college and it describes the reckless attitude of young adults in matters of love.

I Am Heartless: A Real Confession -- Vinit K. Bansal : (

"I Am Heartless" is a story about one sided love and related pain that people experience in such situations in life. The novel is written by new comer Vinit K. Bansal, a State Bank employee. The book was promoted as a true confession of a lover who lost true love because of his ignorance.

The Chieftain's Daughter: Durgeshnandini -- Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay :

Originally written in Bengali, The Chieftainís Daughter is a love story between the son of a Mughal General and daughter of a Bengal chieftain amidst struggles between the Mughals and the Pathans. It is considered as the first romantic novel in the Indian literature. The English translated version was published in 2010.

Devdas: A Novel -- Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay : (

Devdas is among the best romantic books in India. Written originally in Bengali in 1917 and later translated in English in 2002, the popularity of Devdas resulted in four movies adaptations and numerous literary research works.

A Good Indian Wife -- Anne Cherian :

Written by Indian born Anne Cherian, A Good Indian Wife is a story about arranged marriage in India. The book has a global appeal and attracts readers from all over the world for its cultural depictions and unique love story.

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