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Rubber is product that is known for its elastic property. Rubber is an established industry in India. Rubber is a frequently used material today. It is known for its elastic properties. Rubber can be of two types; natural and synthetic. Rubber is naturally produced by rubber plants that can be obtained and it can also be produced synthetically. Rubber industry in India was introduced by the British for commercial cultivation but the govt. of India has improved the scope of rubber production considerably. Today rubber and rubber related products are established industries in India. The following sites will provide you information on rubber.


If you need an extensive information on the existing rubber industries of India, then your search ends here. It presents a long list of rubber manufacturing and exporting companies. It also provides the address, phone no. and a brief description about the companies. To find out about the established rubber companies in India come to this site.


This site informs you about the rubber board of India which is a statutory body constituted by the govt. of India. It is responsible for the overall development of the rubber industry in India. To get a genesis of the Rubber Board, you must visit this site.


Cochin Rubbers is one of the most successful industries in the rubber business. It puts continuous efforts to improve its product which consequently accelerated its growth. The company is expanding its units further for growth and is proud to be associated with major transport corporations of India. The company has the expertise and experience to develop the right rubber compound. It also makes custom made rubber according to your need. This site will help you to find more about this company.


VPK Rubber Corp. is a well recognized company in rubber production. It supplies rubber products of unmatched quality to its customers. This company offers durable and reliable range of moulded and extruded rubber and its overall product range find its application in various industries. You can view a catalog of their product range along with a description and here you can request for a quote.


This company is renowned for manufacturing high quality rubber mats and flooring products. Details of the variety of the rubber products of this company are given in the site. If you are interested in finding out about this company and its rubber products, then come to this site and if you have further enquiry, please contact this company through this site.


Welcome to the official website of Rubber Products which is India's one of the leading dealer in various rubber products. It produces rubber products like Castor wheels, trolleys, construction machines, multi rib belts, etc. The aim of this site is to cater to the growing demand of rubber products in this industry. From this site you can find out about its products, services, company profile and its related news and further contact for more info.


Ashoke Rubber Industries has carved a niche in the rubber industry for producing high quality rubber products, ranging from rubber mats to rubber shoe soles. It provides rubber products to different industries like footwear, engineering, railways, defense, marine and so on. Its featured rubber products includes vacuum rubber, rubber lining of vessels, pipe lines etc. This site enlists all its rubber products and the product description is also given.


Pure Rubber Products is known for its tradition of its innovative process of manufacturing high quality rubber products at a considerably low cost. This company specializes in certain rubber categories like custom moulded elastomer parts etc. The rubber products produced by this company are used by the electronic and lamp industries. More rubber products and company details are given in this site.


Established in 1959, Ailga Rubber Works aims for a specific sector of the rubber industry. Its products are for the customers who need a first class service in quality and delivery. It produces all types of rubber moulded components and its detail range is given in this site. This company caters for the requirement of natural rubber, nitrile rubber, viton rubber and a wide range of other categories. To get all the minute details of its manufactured products, visit this site.


Welcome to the home page of Sida Rubber Goods. This company produces rubber products in a small scale and provides a scope for employment for 300 persons. The special thing about this company is that its profits are utilized for charitable and development needs. If you feel interested about this company, please come to this site.

Browse through the above sites for info on rubber.

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