Best sites for School of Sports

Best sites for school of sports
amity mssa
pathways gopichand badminton academy
The aphorism ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ might sound a tad hackneyed but there’s no denying the adage’s relevancy for present-day school students overburdened with studies. It does not need to be overemphasized that students would be able to concentrate on their studies in a better manner if they take up a sport and practice it regularly.

Participating in sports is imperative for holistic development of the mind and the body. Almost all reputed educational institutions in India have a sports/physical education department to play games and take part in sporting competitions and tournaments. Following are the top 10 sports-school websites.

amity (

The Amity School has branches throughout the length and breadth of the country. The school, apart from providing an encouraging educational environment to students it inspires them to take part in inter-school sports meets and tournaments including but not limited to table-tennis, volleyball, rowing, boxing, roller-skating, and badminton. The site provides thorough info on the different awards and trophies won by the students in different sports.

mssa ( is Mumbai School Sports Association’s official portal. If you’re eager to find out about the current achievements about the association’s achievements in different field of sports then you should visit its website. The sports organization also advances facilities to its members in cricket, badminton, boxing, carom, athletics, football, handball, and much more.

stkabir (

This school goes out of the way in nurturing sportsmanship spirit in its students by providing effective training in numerous sporting disciplines like cricket, kabbadi, kho-kho, basketball, volleyball and so on. The fact that the school attaches overarching importance to sports can be gauged from its slogan-‘a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body’.

brightlandschool (

This school proffers its students resources and training for playing different kinds of indoor and outdoor games. The website also carries reviews on the imperativeness of including sports in a school’s academic curriculum.

pathways  ( )

This school eggs on its students to attain excellence in sports apart from excelling in studies. Students of the school can be seen playing football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis and so on. The school also offers training in horse-riding and athletics.

gopichand badminton academy (

The Gopichand Badminton Academy located in Hyderabad offers thorough training in badminton. It trains budding shuttlers right from an early age. Sania Nehwal who has won several national and international awards in badminton is a product of this academy. Log on to the site for viewing photos, reading profiles, and updating self on upcoming events.

nca (

The National Cricket Academy was founded by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and is located in Bangalore. The Academy principal’s objective is to prepare efficient cricketers for the country who’ll stand out in every format of the game. Connect with the site for gaining knowledge about the school’s mission and vision, selection of players, coaches, and viewing photo albums and much more.

nis ( website-netaji-subhas-national-institute -of –sports)

The Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports is based in Patiala in the state of Punjab and is administered by the ‘Department of Sports’ under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. By logging on to its portal, you’ll come to know about the institute’s background, academics, sports science, coaching specifics, the different SAI training centres, and so on.

lnipe (

The Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education is situated in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. It has programs and courses for those who’re aspiring to become physical education teachers. You can visit the site for enlightening yourself on the job opportunities, about alumni list, departments and centres, journals and publications and much more

ymca (

The YMCA College of Physical Education in Tamil Nadu was incorporated in the year 1920 and leads the way as far as providing training in physical education are concerned. The college since long has been churning out sports nutritionists, athletic trainers, and specialists in aerobics training, martial arts and sports injury management.