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This page consists of a listing of Search Engine sites based in India. The effort of this page is to list the best sites falling under heads like Search Engines of India, Best Search Engines of India, Indian Web Search Engines, etc. The list of sites mentioned here is based solely on the discretion of our team of editors, who personally go and review each and every site. If you feel there is some site that falls under the category of Search Engines India, Top Search Engines of India, Best Search Engines of India, Indian Web Search Engines, etc and has the potential of being listed on this page, kindly do let us know.

Search4i.com (www.search4i.com)

Search4i.com is another well known web search engine that acts as a rich resource of global information. Besides having distinct sections providing information on history, shopping, medicine, immigration, business services, social sciences and so on, Search4i.com has a listing of featured websites that enable you to have a quick look on sites of your interest.

Directory.net (www.directory.net)

Directory.net is dedicated to make their slogan- `find what you need, when you need it', a success. This search engine-cum-directory offers a vast category of subjects to make your search all the more easier. Find anything related to arts, science, business, news, health, computers, games, sports, genealogy, shopping, society, sports and other important categories.

I Love India (www.iloveindia.com)

I Love India is a search site that has a strong Indian fragrance about it. This web directory deals with a wide range of topics that include Indian festivals, religions, weddings, languages, weather and various other topics. The very diversity of the country reflects in the comprehensive range of topics that I Love India offers. The site also offers discussions on Yoga and Ayurveda.

123 India.com (www.123india.com)

123 India.com is one of the comprehensive and reliable web portals in India today. Name the thing you want to know about, and it is there on 123 India.com. Read the latest happenings and news stories, situation of the stock market indexes, weather forecasts, live cricket score updates and much more. Search the category-based directory and send e-greeting cards, share jokes, download wallpapers and many other exciting things.

123World (www.123world.com)

If you are planning your tour and at the same time, want them to be cost-effective, 123World is the site to look into. Find detailed information on your favorite holiday destinations across the world, the top cities, the cheap and the luxurious hotels therein and lots more. 123World also offers attractive tour packages and services like booking tickets, arranging reservations and others.

Indiabook.com (www.indiabook.com)

Indiabook.com is a web directory related to everything that India has to offer. It provides comprehensive searches on education, health, science, entertainment, arts, government, sports, computers, tourism and anything and everything in India. Indiabook.com also offers a matrimonial service named Indian Matrimonial. Look for greetings cards, jokes, wallpapers and lots of other interesting sections.

SearchIndia.com (www.searchindia.com)

SearchIndia.com is to India what Google is to the world. Offered by USA-based Rekha Inc, SearchIndia.com is a popular search engine that caters to the entire Asian Indian community across the world. Search by entering the terms or browse hem by specific categories. This is the most comprehensive search engine where you can find answer to any queries related to India.

Khoj.com (www.khoj.com)

Khoj.com is an online directory, offered by Sify Limited. One of the most popular sites from India, Khoj.com is making a constant endeavor to be known as the `Great Indian Search Engine'. The subjects it covers include arts, business, computer, culture, education, entertainment, family, government, health, news, reference, regional, science, sports and others.

Hindustan Network (www.hindustan.net)

Hindustan Network is not just another internet search engine from India. It is much more than just a search engine on India. Hindustan Network is a huge online network that brings you news, views and various interesting contents, organized in a comprehensive and credible manner. Read the Indian standard news and literary works; get to know the culture, search jobs, take part in discussions and much more.

Zatka (www.zatka.com)

Zatka is a highly promising Indian search engine. Log on to the site and you will realize that Zatka is more like India's answer to Google. It is a fast and powerful search engine, yielding the most relevant search results in a matter of seconds. Get more specific results by searching the various categories like music, communication, Internet, information, travel or shopping.

Surf India (www.surfindia.com)

Surf India is one of the most popular and premier online search engines of India. Get the entire Indian flavor compiled under the same roof. Hit the search India directory to get comprehensive list of most relevant and top sites. Visit the sections of arts and culture, business and industry, education, entertainment, government, society and others to know more about them.

Locate India (www.locateindia.com)

Locate India is dedicated to provide you information on everything about India. The portal of Locate India gives you an opportunity to search for exporters, importers, services and other business related information. If you are someone who is interested in traveling, then check out the sections on travel, tourism and hotels in India. Also, know a lot more about finance and other important news.

Rekha.com (www.rekha.com)

Offered by USA-based Rekha Inc, Rekha.com is a popular search engine that exclusively caters to the entire information technology industry of India. Search by entering the IT terms or browse them by specific categories like IT jobs, resources, portals, education, and various others. Also get the latest IT news from the leading newspapers and magazines.

New India (www.newindia.com/seek/)

The site of New India promises to emerge as one of the leading search engines for India. Log on o the site of New India to find out the websites that are related to India. Watch the scrolling news headlines and stay up-to-date by every passing minute. You can also add your site to the database of New India and help it make more comprehensive.

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