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Spirituality has a ubiquitous bearing on the existence of humanity. It deals with matters of spirit or soul and thus, counterpoints anything which is tinged by earthly sensuality. Spiritual involvements are seen as ways to redeem one's own self from petty ephemera of life to loftier heights of perpetual truth. Spiritual connections engage the mind to comprehend life as a more composite creation with regards to cosmic bondage. Spiritual practices also refer to affairs of sanity and personal integrity. The meaning of spirituality, according to a research conducted by Martsolf and Mickley, is related to perceiving the meaning of life, values that are to be addressed, appreciating the transcendent nature of life, connecting the soul with the Omnipotent/nature and the state of becoming a better human being. India being a holy land of saints and hermits has been harboring deep spiritual philosophies from ancient times. Spirituality is firmly rooted in Indian culture and heritage and has significant connotations in a number of religious practices. www.bestindiansites.com enumerates ten best Indian sites that will enlighten you on Spirituality.


Yoga and spirituality have lots of things in common. Both unwind the mind and body from stresses and depressions. Read up the articles in this page to know more on these two inseparable practices. Refer to the Quick Reads segment comprising of a number of relevant discussions such as power of mind in the Vedanta, role of God as the Potter, the eightfold visions of Jainism to explore the complete circle of human conscience and so on. Also glean through the links on Faith and Mysticism, Thoughts of Wisdom, Spiritual Experiences, etc.


Explore an archetypal India enriched with a passion for spiritual liberation. Home to a diverse school of religions, India never shied away from embracing new ideas and beliefs. Consequently a number of religions have found their most profound expression on Indian soil Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Judaism, if you want to name a few. In case you are planning for a vacation in India, you better visit this site to get a panoramic view of the sacred places that include Bodhgaya, the Golden Temple, the Lotus Temple, the Meenakshi Temple, Shirdi, Hemkunt Sahib, Panch Prayag, Tirupati, Vaishno Devi, Varanasi, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Ajmer Sharif and many others.


This is an online shopping portal where you can shop for a book that will forever be cherished by you. Yes, Advanced Yoga Study composed by Swami Dharmananda portrays a number of aspects that are hard to accommodate in a linear narrative. The science of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta, Tantra, Indian Spirituality, Social Traditions and Philosophical discussions all are encapsulated vividly with citations and explanations. The author's originality will impress you and cast a spell on you once you go through the review of the book. Don't sit back - a sure treasure trove is awaiting you!


In this age of hurrying and often haphazard activities, let the divine intervention of spiritual customs soothe your weary soul. Find the fundamental facets of spirituality like meditative powers, intuition-making capabilities, etc. and also take a look at the other topics like Metrospirituality, Guru Space, Inspirations, Affirmations, Metaphysics and so on. To know more, click on the following link.


This is a virtual archive of pages on Spirituality and other relevant topics, making it a one-stop knowledge portal. Find thought-provoking articles on Astrology, Christianity, Hinduism, Religious Organizations, Sikhism, Islam, Cults and Movements, Newspapers and Magazines, Meditation, etc. This is indeed an all-inclusive directory you better check out.


Prajapita BrahmaKumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (also known as Brahma Kumaris) is a one-of-its-kind university and a renowned spiritual value based educational institution which has earned an international recognition for their path breaking ideologies on Spirituality. Learn from their official website the ways of overcoming pessimism, channelizing your thought process more productively and a number of other core aspects of their expertise.


This treatise, written by Bhuban Haobam, a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Army, focuses on the spiritual domains of Indian Hinduism. The importance placed on rebirth along with some other key attributes of Hinduism is discussed here with reference to the life and mission of Swami Vivekananda, the great sage from India. Learn how to respect other religions while you carry on exploring Hinduism. Visit the site to enhance your knowledge of Indian Spirituality.


Advancement is not merely technological growth. It also encompasses the growth from within your self, that is to say, spiritual awakening. Any race or civilized society, however technologically advanced it may be, cannot prosper unless it seeks greater truths of life and beyond life. This edifying document focuses on this very issue of technology and spiritualism. Interested to know more? Please visit the following link.


This is another virtual infobase on spirituality and spiritual articles. Visit this site to find websites addressing to spirituality, religion and spirituality, spiritual books, Vedic astrology and horoscope, enlightenment of soul and psychology and a lot of other topics. In case you need an online reference section to find word-meanings, refer to their search box of dictionary and encyclopedia. Click on the following link to unravel the mystic world of Indian spirituality.

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Hope you have gathered enough information to form your ideas on spirituality. For further search on any other topicswww.bestindiansites.comis always there to help you.