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One of the yardsticks for gauging the progressiveness of a nation is the level of excellence it has achieved in sports. The same benchmark can be applied for measuring the potential of an individual. So, it goes without saying that if you consider yourself to be a charismatic person, you should be passionate about at least one sporting discipline soccer, baseball, tennis or basketball.

Most of us these days are too caught up with our job, family and social engagements to find time to visit a sporting arena or stadium to catch the action live. However, you can connect with one or more of the following sites to catch up with your favourite soccer or cricket team contesting for the championship trophy. A few sites with a global following too have been listed.

Sportal India(

One of the frontline sports website, Sportal India carries the latest happenings in cricket, boxing, volleyball, hockey, tennis, golf, athletics, racing, badminton and chess, and many other sporting disciplines. The site also provides info on the sports listed above and lists standings of Indian teams in various games. The portal is also popular as a social networking site for sports enthusiasts.

Indian Sports News(

If you want to keep yourself updated on the upcoming fixtures in chess, cricket, badminton, racing, and boxing, and other kinds of sports, then you should be logging into this website. Discover interesting facts revealed by sportspersons in interviews, read quotable quotes, view photographs, take part in polls and pick up the nitty gritty of your preferred game.

Cric Buzz(

Although there are many websites on cricket, Cric Buzz is a standalone portal that covers one-day and test fixtures at state, national, and international levels. If you’re a cricketing aficionado, then you can apprise yourself with everything that there is to know about the game.

Indian Olympic Association (

The name of the website says it all. The official portal of IOC, it contains the constitution of the Indian Olympic Association, its origin and complete information about the achievements of Indian sportspersons and athletes in all Olympic events the nation has participated till date.

Goal (

If you’re fanatical about football, then you should log into this site where you’ll get regular feeds on football matches played in India as well as updates on international soccer fixtures. You’ll also be able to keep yourself posted on forthcoming tournaments, profiles of football clubs, get live scores, and watch video clippings of football matches in India and around the world.

The Fans of Hockey(

Despite being India’s national sport, hockey doesn’t receive as much publicity and coverage as much as cricket or even football. The Fans of Hockey portal endeavours to keep intact the passion associated with the game by informing hockey fans about current and upcoming hockey matches and tourneys.

Athletic Federation of India( )

If you’ve a penchant for athletics, then you should visit the Athletic Federation of India’s website. The site archives the past tournaments and championships that have been held in the country and the athletes who participated in the competitions. You’ll see snapshots of the different athletic events, schedule of future tournaments, and biographies of well-known Indian athletes.

SportLemon (www.SportLemon.TV )

Of all the global websites that allow you to view live streaming of different sports free of cost SportLemon TV is perhaps the most popular and reliable. The site lists almost all types of sports and also provides numerous links to ensure that you can connect to the stream of your favourite game.

AllSportLive (

You can watch the major hockey, football, tennis, softball, sailing, grand prix (motoring), golf, and many other sporting tournaments held all over the world on this site


This portal focuses on those sports that are underrated and do not attract as much public attention as soccer or baseball does. So, if you’re interested in sports such as table tennis, softball, lacrosse, ice-hockey, and beach volleyball, you should be subscribing to this site.

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