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Kabaddi is the country’s national game and there is a history attached to it. There are several lovers of this game although not many players around unfortunately. If you’re interested in knowing more about the game then here are some sites that will surely help you become an expert in Kabaddi.

explore.oneindia.in (www.explore.oneindia.in)

Well are you scouting for online betting sites? Stop by this portal, here you will find a bevy of the online sports betting portals. It has made a sincere endeavor to bring all the online betting portals of the world under a canopy. The assemblage consists of online gambling blogs, sports betting forums, gambling guide for the internet gamblers, online lottery portals and the list is unending. So all you gambling fans out there, get set for an exhilarating experience - the treasure-trove is simply a click away.

Wikipedia (www.en.wikipedia.org)

A site that contains all information on kabaddi. It is a site that is personally maintained and updated by people. You too can write about your favourite game kabaddi and let other people know about the game.

Answerbag.com (www.answerbag.com)

Here one needs to type a question on kabaddi and you will receive your answer in no time. This answers all kinds of questions on kabaddi. It is an interesting site.

Rediff.com (www.rediff.com/sports/2000/aug/30india.htm/)

This is a very famous online lottery site. Here players can choose numbers of their choice and if they match with the winning numbers then they win some kind of a cash prize. It is however purely the choice of the players what numbers they want to choose. Those who are interested in playing will have to register with them and they are given an ID to be able to identify them online. Gambling here does not involve a complex process and hence users find it easy to use.

Sikhwomen.com (www.sikhwomen.com/Community/India/kabaddi/index.htm)

This takes you to a host of places where you can gamble away to glory. This provides a list of all the hotels of Indian where gambling takes place. If you are interested then you may go to one of these places and enjoy. When you are visiting any of these places mentioned in the site you may try your luck at gambling and have a little fun of your own too. The site has been done in a very informative way and information is given in style too.

Kabaddiikf.com (www.kabaddiikf.com)

This is one of the authoritative sites on kabaddi. The Indian Kabaddi Federation has loads of information on kabaddi. There is information on history of the game, rules and regulations, countries and participating teams and so on. There is also information on the founding of the Kabaddi Federation.

Iloveindia.com (www.iloveindia.com)

This site provides ample information on kabaddi. Log on to find more about the facts of the game.

Diljani.com (www.diljani.com/geetsangeet/kabaddi/)

WThis site has all the required information on kabaddi. Right from it’s origin to rules, matches, events, top raiders, video clips, tournaments, etc. The site also explains the type of kabaddi that exist such as the surjeevain, Amar and Gaminee. There are a few interesting video clips available too.

Kabaddi-games.com (www.kabaddi-games.com)

This is an all-exclusive kabaddi site that discusses the possibilities of its origins. The site also has interesting stories by anonymous contributors. Although one does not know if these stories are for real or not. They revolve around kabaddi and are simplistically narrated. There is a section on the methods of playing the game.

So enlighten yourself on kabaddi through these sites. Who knows? You might just become a pro and enjoy the game.

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