Best Sites For Sports Channels

Best Sites For Sports Channels
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Sports channels are an integral part of the television culture in India. The sports buffs of India swear by these sports channels. Cricket telecasts, foot ball match telecast and other sports events broadcast in them give high TRP ratings to these sports channels. These sports channels are the apple of the eye of millions of sports loving Indians. These sports channels have contributed a lot in popularizing Indian sports like cricket even among the Indian from the grass root level. The credit goes mainly to these sports channels which has made games like cricket and hockey the national games of Indian and have touched and united the hearts of all Indians irrespective of their caste and creed. )

DD sports is perhaps the oldest sports channel in India and one which is available to millions of Indians even if they don't have cable network connection or dish antenna. This sports channel broadcasts a wide array of sporting events. There are regular reviews, discussions and news about the various sporting events round the world are also covered by this channel. To know about what interesting sporting events are going to be shown in this channel in the next few days do log into this site.


This site is hosted by Zee Sports, a premier Indian sports channel. With a primary focus on Cricket, they have undertaken a praiseworthy task of showcasing Indian sports with news, discussions, direct broadcasts and many more features. Go through the links scattered throughout the page so that you may find other related sites as well. This site is updated on a regular basis to keep track of the latest happenings in the world sports arena and the total itinerary of Zee Sports channel.


Ten Sports is one of the premier sports channels available to the Indian public. This channel came into being on April 1st 2002, and is now the world's premier sports channel for South Asians, reaching an estimated 48 million homes in the Sub-continent, Middle East, Europe & Asia. Ten Sports is the most watched sports channel by far in the India. Recent viewing data shows that the channel enjoys over 50% share of viewing of sports channels in India. To enjoy the latest sporting actions do log into this site and get to know about what hot and happening sports tournaments are being broadcast by ten sports.


Star sports presents sports and games in India in a very viewer-friendly manner. All the major sports played in India are usually telecasted in this sports channel. Just click on any of those forms of sport to know its history and playing methodology. Acquire the necessary details regarding important sporting events, sports news and discussion which are covered by this channel from this site. All you sports buffs just warm up and get yourself going only with this site and enjoy the sporting events shown on Star Sports.


This is a site which informs about the newest sports channel to join the league of sports channels of India. Neo Sports channel was launched in Mumbai recently and already it is creating ripples among sports fans of India. The channel has acquired rights of major broadcasting of football league games of Germany, Italy and Brazil. Itís leaving no stones unturned to get sports aficionados hooked on to this sports channel. So for some exciting sports action Neo sports is a must for all sports buffs.


This news article reports about the sizzling vendetta among the sports channel of India to acquire exclusive broadcasting rights of the Cricket world Cup. Joining the fray are channels like Star Sports, ESPN and the newly opened sports channel of Sony Entertainment Television. To know more interesting saga of televisions sports channels fighting it out to attract the largest number of viewers please visit this site.


Want to know about the program schedule to be shown in DD sports the official sports channel which is owned by the government of India? To know about the full itinerary of sports event to be broadcast in this channel all you sports buff just need to log into this site. So, get the information about the upcoming sporting events, then sit back and enjoy the events.


This is an article which throws on the latest business strategies of the different sports channels of India. Cricket in India is not merely a sport nowadays, itís like a religion which sweeps millions of Indian in a frenzy. So in even if the Indian team is not engaged in some cricket match the Sports channels have decided to woo the Indian cricket fans with Non-Indian cricket telecasts. To know more about the tournaments these Indian sports channels will cover just glance through this site.


This article delineates details about the launch of Zee Sports channel and the strategies that Zee Sports to bosses are planning to lure more and more Indian sports fans into viewing this sports channel. Not only do they plan to bid for the broadcasting rights of the cricket games being played all over the world but they have placed the bid for Indian football at the executive meeting of All India Football Association. However other lifestyle and adventure sports would not be left behind and would be duly covered in this sports channel.


This is an article which informs about the recent acquisition of TEN Sports channel by Zee Telefilms. Zee Telefilms has their own sports channel called Zee sports but the entities of these two sports channels will remain separate. Zee Telefilms Chairman informed about this recent business acquisition of TEN Sports in a media meeting recently. He also gave more information about TEN sports which is a channel which apart being the number one television channel in India it also has got telecast rights from Pakistan Cricket Board and Sri Lankan Cricket.

Get more engrossed in the sporting events taking place across the world with this web page which furnishes you with information about the different sports channels of India.

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