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Steel is an alloy mostly consisting of iron. Steel is one of the most essential components of the modern civilization. In every day life people today use countless number of steel products like utensils, furnitures etc. It is flexible yet solid, its durable quality has rendered it as an inevitable metal for the modern civilization. Today there are numerous companies in India which manufacture and exports steel and many other steel related products. Some Indian steel manufacturing companies have earned an eminent position in the international market as well. The following sites will provide you with information on steel.


Steel India is one of the reputed and leading manufacturers and suppliers of all ferrous and non-ferrous steel in India. Due to its relentless effort in producing premium quality steel products, it has gained an unparalleled position in the Indian steel market. This company is known for its quality and innovation in steel production and produces a wide range of steel products. If you need more info about this company, just log into this site.


Tata Steel is India's as well as Asia's largest steel producing company. It manufactures and exports a wide range of steel and iron products. Tata Steel works ceaselessly towards improving quality and achieve excellence to gain customer satisfaction. There is lot more about such a big renowned company. If you want to know about the company in details, then you have to search through the site.


Steel & steel related various products are inevitable in the modern civilization. There are myriad numbers of steel manufacturer and exporter companies existing in India at present. This directory presents an extensive list of such steel making companies in India and also enlists the range of their products. If you come to this site, you will find the name of the companies, address & phone nos. along with a brief product description. You can visit the home page of each company and send an enquiry to it.


If you are looking for an awesome collection of steel furniture to decorate your office or home then you have come to the right place. Hycon presents an exclusive collection of steel furnitures in latest designs. You can view the attractive collection of their range in steel furniture from this site. If you want to further enquire or contact, come to this site.


Technocon is one of the major global manufacturers of steel in India and has earned a reputation for its quality and commitment over a period of time. This company has pioneered the steel burnishing in India and produces different range of steel products. By visiting this site you will be able to know about the company and its products in detail.


Piyush Steel manufactures steel pipes, bars, belts, pipe fittings etc. and a quality supplier of all this products. Its experience, latest technology and modern equipments set this company apart from the rest. Know about its wide variety of steel products, quality, R & D and contact further.


Jagan Tubes has decade of experience in the metal industry and is known for manufacturing, supplying and exporting of an array of construction and industrial products like carbon steel, pipes, tubes, black steel pipes,& tubes and galvanized steel pipes. To get the complete company profile log into this website.


Ashtapad has built a pre-eminent position in the production of wide variety of steel products including both ferrous and non- ferrous steel products like industrial tube fittings, seamless tube fittings and so on. The company follows a stringent measure of checking for quality production of steel products. It caters to different industries like refineries, gas processing, hydro- carbon etc. to know more details, visit this site.


In this site the development of ancient Indian Wootz steel is reviewed. Wootz steel fulfills the description of an advanced metal in spite of being an ancient metal. This site basically explores the scope for the advanced material wootz steel of the ancient world.


A. S. Steel was established in the year 1987 and has been a stockiest and wholesaler supplier of steel to retailers across Andhra Pradesh. If you come to this site you will know about its product range. Know about this renowned steel trader in detail from this site or contact for more info.

The above list of sites will provide you info on steel.

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