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TesIndia TeachForIndia
Teacher PlanetSpark-India
Jodoinstitute Webindia123
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The profession of teaching has always been and will continue to be the one of the most dignified of all vocations. Instructors, educator, professors, and lecturers constitute the principal props of society as they’re indispensable in shaping the careers of students and aiding them to become honest, and law-abiding citizens. Apart from having the requisite educational qualifications, a teacher would need to have excellent interpersonal skills to effectively interact with the students and help them in developing their personalities.

TesIndia (www.tesindia.com)

TesIndia claims itself to be the biggest online platform for teachers worldwide. The site is an ideal forum for teachers and educators to share and exchange their didactic views and opinions through lesson plans, activities, and worksheets et.al. The site has more than 5,02,148 educational resources right from the kindergarten to the higher secondary stage that teachers can make good use of.

TeachForIndia (www.teachforindia.com)

Teach for India was established by Shaheen Mistri in 2008 as a not-for-profit academic institution. The organisation’s raison’d’être is to build leaders for the future who’ll be engaged in teaching selflessly for a period of two years on an honorarium basis to wipe out educational inequality in India. Presently, the organization has branches in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai.

Teacher Planet (www.teacherplanet.com)

Teacher Planet is a frontline academic portal that proffers instructional resources and lesson plans to teachers. The resources advanced by the site helps the instructor to prepare self adequately so that he can educate his pupils effectively and pass on information in a manner that the students can easily understand.

Spark-India  ((spark-india.biz)

This is the authorized portal of Spark-India that strives to ameliorate the overall standard of education in the country. It organizes consultancies, seminars, and workshops on behalf of several schools and educational institutes so that teachers can offer lessons more efficiently. It attempts to simplify the process of edification by furnishing superior quality teaching resources.

jodoinstitute (www.jodoinstitute.com)

It is a frontline website that focuses on listing different vacancies and openings for teachers at different academic levels. One can sort for positions by certification, skills, location, starting salary, perks, and so on. If you’re sincere about launching your career as an educator, you should visit this site.

Webindia123  (www.webindia123.com)

This is another popular portal that exalts the vocation of teaching and elucidates in details the prerequisites required to excel as a teacher. The site also files the minimum qualifications you’d need to possess to apply as a school or college teacher and also mentions the median salaries received by educators and instructors in the country.

DNAIndia (www.dnaindia.com)

If you’re a professor or a lecturer in a technical academic establishment or teach in a college or university, then this is a website you must log in at. Via this site, you’ll be able to catch up with blogs and articles about the higher education committee that was formed by the Indian government to review salary packages of instructors in higher education entities.

ManpowerIndia (www.manpowerindia.com)

This portal witnesses maximum visits from teachers and educators who’re keen to relocate overseas in order to offer their services in a reputed academic institution. On this site, one can find advertisements for teaching positions (complete with salaries) across a wide range of study areas in the colleges and universities in UK and USA.

Learning Indiatimes (www.learningindiatimes.com)

This is a portal that goes out of the way in deifying the profession of teaching. Via this site, you’d be able to pick up some valuable tips on how to graduate from a run-of-the-mill teacher to an immaculate educator. You’ll also be able to enlighten yourself on the significance and credibility of this profession in the country.

gujrat education (www.gujurateducation.in )

Though the site is owned and administered by the Gujarat government, it dwells upon the educational landscape of the entire country. If you think that you have it in you to make it as a teacher, then you connect with this portal that proffers comprehensive data on teaching job positions in India.

Last updated on : 25 Feb 2014

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