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The fastest growth curve achieved by any industry so far in India is telecommunications. The increasing number of telephone consumers in India is alarming. And this has given an exceptional boost to the telecomm industry. Career options with telecomm are quite tempting for young pass outs. The Indian economy has received an up-thrust with the boom in telecommunication. Therefore, the takes you to a voyage of cool websites having information on telecommunication.

bsnl (

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd is the largest telecommunication company of India. They have a customer base of 2.5 million WLL subscribers and 2.5 million Internet Customers. Know all about this fast developing organization of telecommunication such as new developments, services, networks and more by just a click on the mouse.

simoco (

Simoco is the pioneer telecomm company acting as the torch bearer for the world. With its comprehensive gallery of products, it aims to provide trusted communication module to the mass. Peek into their product line including conventional 2-way radio, GSM handsets and trunking systems like MPT, Simulcast and Tetra. Get informed about the latest products launched and their close details.

ibef (

This review sketches the statistical data of telecommunication in India. Plus it maps the opportunity of growth in India. Those of you, who are interested to know about the services that India is going to provide globally, know it here. This report is going to open your eyes to the details with exact precision of data. You can experiment with the side navigation bar which has links to related topics. Read them up if you need to for their news value. (

This is the website of the government of India, telecommunications ministry. You can mull up information and guidelines on CMTS and Unified Access Service, Infrastructure provider, INMARSAT, national and international long distance, BPO as service provider, telecomm engineering centre and in-depth details of other services provided by the telecommunication section of the government.

tcil-india (

Telecommunications consultants Pvt. Ltd is another government enterprise. Here in the media room you will get hold of the recent news from the telecomm boardroom. The resource centre will guide you through the objectives in focus, the current projects under TCIL and the server technologies and call centres. Interested to go through the case studies of their work? Get them all here.

analysys (

This is the Telecoms virtual library which holds a list of the telecommunication companies. Apart from this, it has an index of websites on telecommunications. So if you feel you need to have more information on certain other aspects, just click onto those links. You wouldn’t have to go any further. It also has a career portal where you can apply for a job of your dream in this much sought after industry. (

TeNet Group is a company developed by alliance of 14 faculties from the electrical engineering and computer science engineering department of IIT, Madras. The focus of this group is to cater well developed market driven telecommunication products and facility to the people of India. Browse this site and have a look at the advanced new age telecommunication. (

To gather full and detailed information on the prime minister's council group of telecommunication, log in this site. You can avail the reports, appointment notifications of the government of telecommunication industry from here. Check out.

telecommagazine (

Are you a buff of telecommunication developments? Then this is the ultimate site for you. Telecommagazine is an online journal for telecommunication news and updates. Check out the latest happenings in the world of telecommunication with help of this site. (

Interested to know about the latest top stories and breaking news of telecommunication world. Then is the perfect one for you. Get all the happenings and occurrences of this telecommunication technology in details.

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