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Textiles and Nonwovens

Textiles and non wovens make up for more than a quarter of textile consumption. It is expected that the volume growth in developing countries will average between 4% and 5% per annum to 2010. New products and increasing textile content of building has forecasted to drive in a growth of construction applications at a compound rate of 5%. Find out more about textiles and non wovens from .

safetyequipt (

Look into their site for their range of products. Although they are located in Maharashtra, you can get in touch with them through the internet. Moreover, their address and phone numbers are made available in the site. The site allows you to have a look at their non woven lab coat and disposable non woven lab pants. Visit the site and find out about other products they have on offer. (

The textile committee is an integral part of the Ministry of Textiles of the Indian government. The purpose of creating this committee was to ensure the high quality of Indian textile both for export to foreign countries and for internal consumption. Get to know about the activities and services of this committee from this website. It also provides links to a host of website related to Indian textile industry. (

It provides an interactive platform for the textile and non woven industry. You can become a member of this house. Take a look at their textiles section. You will be amazed by the variety. They have Agro textiles, Construct textiles, Industrial textiles, medical Textiles, Sport textiles, Packaging textiles and much more. Simply click on the site and look for yourself.

charminarnonwovens (

This has evolved as a major non woven textiles manufacturing. It manufactures carpets and also other geotextiles. You can also get details about the procedure of manufacture, what guidelines they use and also about the technology used in such textiles and non woven materials. They offer design solutions to various Geo-engineering problems. There services and products are both available on the net. All you have to do is visit their site and look for what you want.

expresstextile (

The site will give you the use of ultrasonic sound technology for textiles and non wovens. You will get to know how ultrasonic technologies have developed with manufacturing, mixing, slitting and guiding. Know which famous companies use this technology. Learn about the benefits of using this technology. Know how it increases efficiency, lowers pressure, and reduces processing cycles and a lot more. Visit the link above and enhance your knowledge about the textiles and non wovens industry.

trade:india (

If you are looking for companies dealing in textiles and non wovens, then visit this site. They have listed some of the Indian companies that deal in textiles and non wovens. Here, you will get sellers and also buyers. You can make purchase enquiries as well as sell your products if it meets the requirements. You can get yourself listed with the site in both the cases. Go through the site and find out how they can comply with your requirements.

birlaviscose (

Indian industrial stalwart the Aditya Birla group in the mother company of Birla Viscose one of the leading manufacturer of non wovens in India. Get to know about the various products of this company and the different manufacturing units they have from this site. Birla Viscose based non wovens are well appreciated round the world for their aesthetic appeal and eco- friendliness. Table Mats, Coasters and Hand Tissues have a high utility and are easily disposable. Birla Viscose Cleaning Wipes are functionally amazing and have redefined cleanliness in homes due to their high absorbency ensuring instant drying.

fibre2fashion (

This site brings to you an erudite article on the future of the global technical textile and non woven industry. Technical textile and non woven can be defined as those products which are mainly for industrial or non consumer application. This article makes a learned attempt to investigate the future market trends of these technical textile and non woven and elucidates it with various data s, tables and statistics.

citiindia (

CITI or the confederation of the Indian textile industry is an umbrella organization representing the entire textile industry of India. The extensive efforts this organization for obtaining grants and policy inputs from the Government targeted at the overall growth of the textile and clothing sector have helped in shaping Government initiatives like The Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme, The Technology Mission on Cotton etc. It also has a dynamic forum where all the stalwarts of the Indian textile industry can come together and discussed key issues relevant to the industry.

nonwovens-india (

This is a company which has a comprehensive experience in non woven manufacturing technology. They have global exposure on providing assistance for import and export of non wovens, technological support for manufacture of non wovens, and market information and research on non wovens. So for extensive assistance in the non woven industry, just log into this site.

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