Best Sites For Theatre

Best Sites For Theatre
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This page consists of a listing of Indian websites which are related to Indian Theatre. The main motive behind the preparation of this page is to enlist a few topnotch Indian websites which are associated with Theatre. If a web browser follows the information given in this page, s/he will find it convenient to search for information on Theatre on the Internet.Some of the top Indian websites that deal with Theatre are mentioned below:

rangshala (

The main objective of this website is to facilitate information sharing between professional artists, critics and other enthusiasts of performing arts. Apart from providing comprehensive information on theatre the site also announces schedules of various shows and workshops.It gives us some kind of knowledge about Theatre groups and workshops and also keeps a record of the upcoming Theatre events in all the major regions of India.

nandikar (

Nandikar is a famous Bengali Theatre group of West Bengal. Has a homepage of its own where a list of its staged plays is given along with the names of all of its future members. (

This webpage provides us some knowledge about Marathi Theatre. This form of Theatre was started for the first time in the year 1920 and it was believed to be closely associated with India's struggle for freedom.

hyderabadpuppettheatre (

It is known to present unique and innovative puppet shows since 1984. This institute primarily aims at increasing the awareness of our society regarding puppet shows. The biggest advantage of these plays is that they do not have any specific age group of audience as they equally appeal to all the age groups. (

This website is informative in nature and provides us sufficient information with regards to different phases of Indian Theatre like Phase 1 unto 1000 AD, Phase 2 unto 1700 AD and so no. It is also informative about the changes experienced by Indian Theatre in recent times and the identity of Indian Theatre in our society.

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