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Tobacco Industry

Tobacco is an agro based product processed from the fresh leaves of plants in genus “Nicotiana'. Tobacco is widely available for sale in dried and cured forms and is often smoked (see tobacco in the form of a cigar or cigarette, or in a smoking pipe, or in a water pipe or a hookah. Tobacco can also be chewed, or sniffed into the nose in the form of powdered snuff). The term “tobacco industry” connotes to those companies engaged in the growth, preparation for sale, shipment, advertisement, and distribution of tobacco and tobacco-related products. All the methods of consumption of tobacco result in the absorption of nicotine in varying amounts into the user's blood stream. Prolonged use of tobacco or tobacco products may result in significant risks of developing various cancers as well as strokes, and severe cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

itcportal (

This site sings the paean to one of the pioneers of the tobacco industry in India popularly known as ITC or the Indian tobacco Corporation. ITC purchases nearly fifty percent of the entire yield of cigarette tobacco in India. The state of the art infrastructure of the tobacco processing plants of ITC in Andhra Pradesh, India is among the best in the world. This is a company which has proven itself as the undisputed leader in the Indian tobacco industry.

aroraproducts (

This company is one of the leading producer and exporters of white chewing tobacco and classic chewing tobacco in India. These premium quality chewing tobaccos are made with highest quality tobacco leaves which are then blended with natural flavors and essence. They are also a leading manufacturer of snuff tobacco. They have tobacco processing plants which have the fastest machines that are capable of producing the highest quality of tobacco and tobacco products. Their tobacco products are also well appreciated in the global market.

shaktishipping (

This is an organization which can rightly boast to be one of the stalwarts of the Indian tobacco industry. They promise to give proper quality products and a value for money experience with their huge array of tobacco products like Khaini, Zarda, snuff and Gul and Quiwam. These are the Indian varieties of different chewing tobacco and tobacco based products which are processed to perfection by this company which has an awesome reputation among the connoisseurs of chewing tobacco.

ganeshzarda (

The company is amongst the top notch chewing tobacco manufacturers and chewing tobacco exporters of India. Various products offered are aromatic chewing tobacco, flavored tobacco, zarda and khaini. This organization has maintained a long tradition following a high standard of excellence in their products which conform to international standards. These tobacco products are packaged in highest quality pouches which are not only visually appealing but retain the freshness of the products

snuff (

Snuff is a generic term for fine-ground smokeless tobacco products. Originally the term referred only to dry snuff, a fine tan dust popular mainly in the eighteenth century. Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. limited is one of the most renowned snuff producing companies in India. From this site you can gather all kind of information about them from his site. Here you can know about their products, their modus operandi, business associates. From this site you can also inquire about the job opportunities they are offering.

indianindustry (

This is a site which will enable you to assimilate all the pertinent information about the tobacco industry of India. This site enlists all the leading tobacco and tobacco products manufacturers of India. They also chronicle the various tobacco exporters of India. So if you are hunting for information about the tobacco industrial scenario look no more just glance into this site and regale yourself with myriads of information pertaining to this industry.

indiandata (

This could be the perfect site for you if you are looking for information on the reputed tobacco and tobacco manufacturing companies of India. This directory provides you the names and contact details of the various key players of the Indian tobacco industry. So with the click of a mouse you can now glean detailed information on the tobacco manufacturing arena of India by logging into this extremely useful site. (

Delve deeper into the various economic trends of the Indian tobacco industry and investigate how it fared after the recent budget with the help of this insightful and authentic article. If you are a part of the India tobacco industry you can gather vital information and statistics about this industry. Not only information you can glance through the various expert comments on effects of the different budgetary measures on the Indian tobacco manufacturing industry.

businessstandard (

This site will bring you an erudite discourse on the effects of VAT or extra taxes on the cigarette manufacturing companies of India. This also gives a lot of pertinent information and statistics on the tobacco manufacturing sector of the Indian industry. India was the third largest manufacturer of raw tobacco in the year 2006 with a gross yield of 5, 98,000 tonnes. This article mainly focuses on the different types of excise duties imposed on cigarettes and other forms of chewing tobacco and the effect it might have on their over all sales in India.

indbazaar (

This is an article which investigates the raging debate which has issued from the recent ban on the advertisement of cigarettes. Opinions widely vary on this key issue which might have a wide spread impact on the tobacco industry of India. While some believe that stopping the advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products will help in curbing the tobacco consumption of the Indian people, others refute this reasoning as being too rigorous and argue it should be an individuals choice whether he or she chooses to smoke tobacco and hence the banning of these cigarette ads makes no sense.

This site elucidates various facts about the Indian tobacco industry.

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