Top 10 Corporate Websites 2014


In the business market, presenting a company image in a positive way to the consumers is the biggest challenge faced by companies. And to complete the challenge successfully, these companies try their hands on different strategies. Online communication with the visitors is one of the strategies used by every company. It has become essential to have a Website of the Company. Creating their own websites and making it presentable is to attract and sustain their valuable clients.

  1. Tata Motors
  2. Tata Motors

    What to say about them? It is one of the best company website in India. Its auto movable multi screens and the tabs on them must be given a thumbs up for saving the homepage space. It help in avoiding the clustering of text and images.

  3. Sun Pharma
  4. Sun Pharma

    Sun Pharma, a pharmaceutical company has built it’s site with utter simplicity. Its sober design will win the heart of its visitors at a glance. All the categories, text, images have been placed perfect. It gives a wonderful surfing experience. Hence, we couldn’t stop ourselves from putting the site in this list.

  5. Maruti Suzuki
  6. Maruti Suzuki

    Maruti Suzuki is the most popular and favorite cars manufacturer in India. The makers of all time best selling cars have the best website too in their possession. The big images of maruti cars on the homepage definitely creates the magic on the visitors. The design and images of the website is the major attraction.

  7. UltraTech Cement
  8. UltraTech Cement

    Ultratech Cements found in 1983, have designed a website with a perfect plan. The website is included in the top websites for the content it publish on the site.The products, plants everything has been explained very well. The strong content has taken the site onto a very different level.

  9. HUL
  10. Hindustran Uniliver Ltd

    Hindustan Unilever is an Indian consumer goods company which has been ruling the indian market for a long period of time. HUL also has a very well structured website. The wide range of products and services of HUL has being put into a single screen homepage so nicely that it gives a awesome navigation experience without creating any confusion to the visitors.

  11. TCS
  12. TCS

    Tata consultancy services is an Indian IT company found in 1968. It has proved its skills by creating a wonderful website for itself. From the very first impression to the navigation experiences, everything is nice about the website. Attractive images and high quality content goes hand in hand, which is a plus point for the site.

  14. Sesa Sterlite

    Sesa Sterlite, a vedanta group company has positioned itself in the top company website for its simple and easy to use characteristic. All the categories and subcategories have been placed so properly that a visitor can obtain maximum benefit.

  16. Axis Bank

    Axis bank is a new generation bank, heavily involved in online services. And thus makes it compulsory to have a beautiful website for their e-visitors. And to very extent Axis has been successful in that. Easy to use website has made it the winner of the day. The website provides wide range of facilities with the single screen homepage without creating any hustle and bustle.

  18. Kotak Mahindra Bank

    Kotak Mahindra, a leading private bank has a good website in its possession. It has achieved this position for its simplicity. It give visitors the experience of awesome navigation. Kotak has made sure that it doesn’t compromise with the quality of the content. Thus gives an amazing content to the site.

  20. Mahindra & Mahindra

    Website of Mahindra and Mahindra stands out for a unique feature it has that separate it from rest of the sites. Its multi lingual options widen up the range of their visitors. English readers as well as non-english readers, both can use the site for their own purposes. This feature of site has made them stand out of the crowd.