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Great Start Great DayJECLAT
The Park Hotels Vaamika Island Resort
Creative Dreams The Hitlist Official
Trinity Web Tech Arch Firm
Youth Champions League Shizuka
Iconbuffet Circografico
mozilla Corkd
Website designing is not only a technical, but also a creative field of work. With innovations in the tools, skills and technologies of web coding, a simple message in a site can be transformed into a fantastical experience for a user. These help in making it into one of the best website designs in the internet. A top designed website is the one that tells the visitor from the moment he sees it what it is about, and still keeps them engaged around the website for a long time. Other features considered while judging the top 10 designed websites are speed of page loading, ease of navigation, layout, fonts and colors used.

With the invention of computers and the usage of internet has increased. With this merged, the necessity of designed websites offering the netizens wide gamut of information on varied topics of interest. Top 10 Designed Websites have been specially designed with systematic details of portals along with graphical representation of images and photos aimed at giving an attractive look to the web sites. These websites are also intended to give information on an organization's objectives, plans and latest news about the comany's profile.A website is actually a collection of web pages, images, videos which are hosted on one web server, and its easily accessible through internet. On the other hand, a web page is a document, written in HTML, that channelizes information from the web server for presentation in the user's web browser. To make it easily accessible, there are a wide range of software systems, such as-- Java Server Pages, the PHP and Perl programming languages, Active Server Pages , and Cold Fusion (CFM).

Top 10 Designed Websites

Great Start Great Day  (

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes has one of the best designed websites that reminds one of their school days, especially those mornings when you got your favorite cereal with milk and fruits. The off white background with ruled lines like right out of a notebook, red and white checked table cloth on which the delicious looking bowl of cornflakes sits beside the large box of the Kellogg’s brand of corn flakes, and the free-hand sketches of the other ingredients in the bowl – milk, walnut and strawberry, says it all – this is the best example of virtually selling a product!


This is one of the top designed websites in India that has been recognized by many web awarding sites like CSS Reel, Popular Website Awards and CSS Design Awards. Designed by Abhishek Ghosh, the site is easy to navigate, user friendly and yet unconventional. The best feature of the site is how fast the pages open and still gives you the feel of a world class website.

The Park Hotels  (

Everything in The Park Hotels website combines to give users the experience of a five star hotel. Its slideshow banner displaying photographs of the different Park Hotels around the country, and the icons given as tabs below shows the luxuries one can expect while staying in a hotel by Park. The site’s easy navigability and clutter free look makes its one of the top Indian website designs.

Vaamika Island Resort  (

The first thing that strikes you when you visit this website is its serene and awe-inspiring look. Each page of this hotel website draws you closer and touches you in all the right senses. The site gives you exactly the right amount of information (no many pages of writing) to provide you with the understanding of the place, its history and the experience that you can expect.

Creative Dreams  (

Creative Dreams can be easily identified as a designer’s website for the careful yet flamboyant use of fonts, contrasting and sober colors, and crisp writing. The use of colored pencils as tabs gives the site the memorable factor, and single page navigability allows users to see everything in the site without clicking on too many links. It is no wonder that the site has been rated among the top website designs by CSS Showcase.

The Hitlist Official  (

This is a classic example of a website whose intention is to attract people to the cinema halls to watch a newly released movie. The site uses mouse movements to slide the characters in their sides. Slide to the word “Menu” and you get the tabs of the site. Other pages in this website are equally attractive. The Cast & Crew tab is especially unique where you can see photographs of the movie’s cast members just like you are sifting through photos lying on the floor.

Trinity Web Tech  (

This is one of the top designed websites of a company involved in website, mobile applications and software development. Its best features are its single page navigability, color coding and limited content. The “Our Work” tab, in particular is a work of art. Click on any of the technologies the company has expertise in, you can get its portfolio in a circular CD shaped element on the right. You can click on the arrow on both sides to see the work the company has done in its past or are working in the present. Navigating in the website is a charm.

Arch Firm  (

This website is a unique example of an architecture company’s virtual entity. Its use of a white background with three partitions in the same page gives a sense of harmony. The site uses varied font types and sizes to denote different areas. The bright orange color helps distinguish each part from the other and to-the-point writing is enough to educate you about the company’s works and services.

Youth Champions League  (

Designed by the web designing company Yellow Slice, this is a fun to browse website. It uses moving footballs, players and other elements to make each screen come alive. The features that make it a great website design is exciting and easy navigation, the live action images, and colors that complement the game of football.

Shizuka  (

This is one of the top designed websites for a beauty salon in India. The look and music in this site embodies the essence of a spa where a woman can enhance her beauty while relaxing in the salon. The website is minimal with information about the owner, her staff, services and others. A pop up on the right hand side of the page keeps reminding users of the current offers that they can avail.

Some Other Sites for Designed websites

Apple (

What makes Apple so attractive to the netizens is the fact that they offer big varied content portals with emphasis on sensitively designed images.

Protolize (

This site is well known for its strong graphic elements which not only look bold but its also quite easy to use. Some of the special characteristics of this site is-- Big text, simple navigation procedures, and representation of websites through nice graphical images makes it more attractive.

Iconbuffet (

Unlike other sites, this particular site is devoted to selling online icons of different types and nature done in varied colors and shapes.The basic colours and typography of the site is bold, hence its easy for first timers to get to know the varied aspects of the site.

Circografico (

For art lovers, this site offers ample scope to give their creative art works the best expression on computers. Great pictorial imagery along with wide use of typography makes it an interesting site. Each day the site attracts thousands of users and art lovers from differebt parts of the globe.

enhancedlabs (

If you're looking for some custome based designed websites then this site answers all your queries. They also offer logo designed websites for customers and new varieties of application software.

sumagency (

This site offers you the perfect balance of ebsite designing as well as enterprise quality programming. Also you will get to notice wide pages devoted to unique software programming applications designed to provide users easy access to other graphic pages with well written specific content on it.

mozilla (

Are you looking for some fresh sites with new innovative indeas then site answers all your queries! These sites offer clear cut presentation with clean graphic images and the design is very simple.

Corkd (

Looking for an interface with a clean user interface, if so then offers you explicit designs with simple graphical images. This site is also easy to use and for children its a great fun to browse.

WhyWeWhisper (

The page is actually designed to make pixel-saving in action easy. Also it offers ready to use interface for intricate graphic images.

Bearskinrug (

The site serves as the perfect gateway for quality content as well as navigation.What makes this site so favorite among the internet users is the fact that it is well designed with rooms for clear pictures and icons.

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