Top Astrology Websites In India 2014


Astrology has been an essential part of Indian culture. Whether it’s a marriage or it’s a childbirth astrology witness every ceremony of India. Modernisation could never replace the belief of people in astrology. This itself proves the strength of the bond of astrology and Indians. Astrology always had a speacial place in the lives of people here in India. No ceremonies are don’t without consulting an astrologer. To celebrate this significant role of astrology, we present you, a list of few top astrology websites in India.

Few top astrology websites to make your bond stronger:

  1. Vastu world
  2. Vastu World

    There is a reason for keeping this website on top. Unlike other websites, they haven’t used images of zodiac signs for their website. They used simple images and yet these images strongly communicate and keep the viewer engaged with the site.

  3. Indian Astrology
  4. Indian Astrology

    Indian Astrology is one of the prettiest website of Astrology. The beauty of important Indian events like marriage, family, love has been amazingly linked with Zodiac chakra (astrology) in the website. The content of the website is also of awesome quality and digestible size. This Interesting game of pictures and good content published put the site in win win position.

  5. Jagjit Uppal Astrology
  6. Jagjit Uppal

    Best thing about the website is the design of the website. Kundli and instruments images have been used interestingly in the website. And still the website has simple and sober look. The beauty of website is the main attraction of the site.

  7. Astroved
  8. Astro Ved

    The blue colour of the website brings cooling effect to viewer’s eyes. The website the a well arranged category and subcategory tab. Which leads to a smooth surfing experience on the website. This easily navigable site is in the list of top astrology sites.

  9. Truthstar
  10. Truth Star

    Special about this website is the unlimited services it provide to its client in a single screen homepage. The efforts the website put to provide unlimited services with superb quality must be acknowledged.

  11. Astromandir
  12. Astro Mandir

    Astromandir website is one of the best content based website. The quality content is the plus point of the website. The site has articles uploaded about almost everything in astrology. The strong Content team of the website must be appreciated for their marvellous work.

  13. Astrospeak
  14. Astro Speak

    Astrospeak website is famous for its astrologers. Astrologers like Bejan Daruwalla, Nandita Pandey, Ritu shukla are the stars of the website. The expert content of the website makes the site unbeatable in the online market competition.

  15. Hindu Astrology
  16. Hindu Astrology

    Hindu Astrology stands out for the online shopping services of astrology-related products they provide. They are among those few websites who not only give expert advices but also serve the ways to execute the advices given to the customer.

  17. Bejan Daruwalla
  18. Bejan Daruwalla is a world renowned astrologer. His website is considered to be one of the best websites in astrology.The accuracy in his predictions accompanied with bright colour of hope (orange) works wonders on the viewers.

  19. Cyberastro
  20. Cyber Astro
    Cyberastro is among those websites which have solutions to almost every problem related to astrology. They have large collection of articles and blogs on astrology and its services.