Fashion Houses of India

Fashion Houses of India
Ritu KumarRitu Beri
Manish MalhotraTarun Tahiliani
JJ ValayaRohit Bal
Abu Jani and Sandeep KhoslaWendell Rodricks
Neeta LullaAnshu's Designer Studio
Rina Dhaka 
The applied art on lifestyle and clothing accessories created within the social and cultural influences of a particular time is Fashion Design. Costume Design is the core product of the fashion houses in India. The fashion designers follow the fashion trends of the specific time or create new trend for the season. Fashion industry is booming not only in India but also across the globe. The Fashion shows like the Lakme Fashion week and many others have given the hype to the deserving Fashion Houses in India. The list below gives the name of the best Fashion Houses in India.

List Of Top Fashion Houses In India:

Ritu Kumar :(

She is the diva of the fashion houses in India. Her style is unique. Her use of traditional crafts in the innovative manner has created a pioneer classicism. She is a revivalist for bridging the gap between modernity and traditionalism. She has designed wardrobes for three Miss India as they participated in International Beauty Pageants. Her sub brand LABEL is catering to every women of this era. Her fashion products are affordable and also of the best quality.

Ritu Beri :(

She is a key leader among the leading Fashion houses in India. She has the credit of becoming the first Indian Designer to present her collection in Paris. Her designs have become a trend setter in US, Bangalore, Mumbai, London etc. The French media is too impressed by her ready-to-wear line collection. She has made a significant mark in the international fashion industry. Her first collection called Lavanya in the year 1990 was a great success.

Manish Malhotra :(

One name among the major fashion houses of India is Manish Malhotra. His collections are synonymous with the style in the Bollywood movies. He has been the costume designer of the top actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee and many others. He made his significance in the main stream fashion designing with his Reverie store-Manish Malhotra. He was also offered to design dress for Michael Jackson.

Tarun Tahiliani :(

He is the most celebrated personality among the Indian Fashion Houses. He ushered a revolution in the Fashion industry in the year 1987 by inaugurating his first boutique in this country called Ensemble. He has also a design studio in India. The name of his brand is Ahillan. His deigned clothes are sold ion London,Hong Kong,Dubai,Delhi and many other places.

JJ Valaya :(

He is one of the premier designers of India. House of Valaya specializes in the fusion of contemporary haute couture and traditional crafts to form a innovative handiwork. He rejuvenated the old crafts of India in the cosmopolitan market. House of Valaya has shared the stage with many top fashion designers in Singapore,New York,Paris etc. Fashion critics are speechless with his new collections like Diffusion and Coutre.

Rohit Bal :(

He is attributed the title of 'India's Master of Fabric and fantasy' by the Time Magazine in the year 1996.His handicrafted collections are best to the utmost. He is leader of the doors of discovery as his collections appeals all classes. His clients encompass some of the hottest celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and many others.

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla:(

They are known as 'The Boys' in the fashion industry. They were the first Indians to display their collection at the Harrods. They do not have professional training but yet they drive the ethnic style of fashion to the ultimate limits. Their collection reflect the talent and attitude of the designers.

Wendell Rodricks :(

This fashion designer's style of minimalist chic is a rage in the Indian Fashion industry. His multi-talented work includes advertising,styling, theatre design and forecast portfolios. He is a promoter of Goan artist at the Wendell Rodricks Couture Salon. He is the receiver of many eminent awards like scholarship by the Fundacao Oriente and many others.

Neeta Lulla:(

It is a major player in the India fashion scenario. She has been the queen of this fashion industry for more than 20 years. She has 350 movies in her kitty. She has provided exclusive designed clothes for the leading actress like Juhi Chawla and many others. Her collections have also won her the national award. She has surpassed the record set by her every time. The elegant look of Yuva and the grand appearance of Jodha and Paro, Neeta has done magnificent designing.

Anshu's Designer Studio:(

It is a leading fashion house and designer boutiques in Ahmedabad. One can buy saris including Indian ethnic wear, Indian wedding saris, wedding bridal saris, evening wear, party wear, Indian designer wear etc. from this site. Check out the site for more beautiful dresses.

Rina Dhaka:(

She is a significant name in the the fashion designing world of India. Her theme collections like crochet,Stretch jersey,sheer trousers,spider web motifs are just mind boggling. But her forte is the western collection. She lays stress on silhouettes and has also made a fusion of boots and fur with Indian dresses.

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