Top Cosmetic Brands in India 2014


Cosmetics are the our Best Friend. They help us look beautiful and confident. They also take care of our skin, hair etc. 2014 has gifted us many cosmetic brands, new as well as old, Indian as well as international. These brands has always tried hard to satisfy our needs. So, we will discuss here some of the top Indian cosmetic brands that help us look exquisite and ravishing.

List of best cosmetic brands in India.

  1. LAKME
  2. lakme

    Started in 1952, Lakme is an Indian cosmetic brand owned by Hindustan Unilever. It was set up by J R D Tata and later sold to HUL. Lakme also started Salons all over India offering beauty services and now has about 110 salons in India. Lakme is one of the India’s most trusted brands.

  4. forest essential

    Forest Essential came into business in the year 2000. It took many years of research into ayurveda to start forest essential. Well trained ayurvedic physicians, after a lot of research introduced wide range of hair care and skin care products. Forest Essential is known for their pure ayurvedic products.

  6. biotique

    Biotique is an Indian ayurvedic cosmetic company. They are known for the perfect blend of ayurveda and biotechnology. A team of dedicated Ayurvedic doctors, scientists and cosmetologists work day and night to produce high quality hair and skin care biotique products. Biotique is known for their high quality and chemical free products.

  8. lotus herbals

    Lotus Herbals is India’s one of the top natural cosmetic brand. It is among the leading companies in India. Lotus is the perfect balance between ayurveda and new technologies. Lotus has a wide range of products in the market. About 250 skin care, hair care, sun care and makeup products of Lotus are being used by in India.

  10. himalaya

    Himalaya Herbals is an Indian Cosmetic brand which was introduced in 2001. The objective of introducing Himalaya Herbals was to combine the goodness of ayurveda and modern medicine for the wellness of human. Himalayas wanted to reinforce the power of nature in the lives of people.

  11. VLCC
  12. vlcc personal care

    VLCC is an Indian ayurvedic personal care brand which has almost 100 hair care, skincare and body care products in market. The products are invented from perfect merge of natural ingredients. These products are herbal and suits all skin and hair type.

  14. shahnaz husain

    Shahnaz Herbals is a herbal cosmetic brand in India. They specialize in skin care, hair care etc. Shahnaz also runs training centres to provide education on ayurveda and cosmetology.

  15. ELLE 18
  16. elle18

    Elle 18 is an Indian cosmetic brand owned by Hindustan Unilever. This brand is known for its vibrant make up products. Elle 18 targets the young female audience. The brand is known for its funky and trendy image.

  17. JOVEES
  18. jovees herbals

    Jovees Herbal is an indian herbal cosmetic brand. It was established in the year 2004. Now, it has high quality products in market. Jovees has successfully set up its place in the indian market and is considered to be one of the top indian cosmetic brand.

  20. coloressence

    Nature’s is an Indian cosmetic brand which was set up in the year 1998. They have hair care, skin care, body care cosmetic products in market. COLORESSENCE is also one of the color cosmetic brand of Nature’s Essence. Coloressence is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brand with a wide range of makeup products.