Top Fashion Bloggers in India


Fashion Lover? Or just looking for tips to look presentable in your daily chores?

Internet has quick fix solutions to all your problems. Internet has a section only for your fashion fixes and queries. Here you will get expert tips and guidance on your fashion sense. These masterminds can do wonders and transform you into a celeb.

They are the Genies you find in the dungeon which leads you to the Cave of Wonders.

List of some popular fashion bloggers in India.

  2. PAYAL & PRIYANKA (high heel confidential)

    These two desi girls are crazy about fashion. Their love for fashion compelled them to start blogging. These friends started blogging in 2007 and now are one among the top fashion bloggers in India. They are know for their desi fashion fixes. The blog is all about celebs and their fashion statements. Follow them and i bet you will already start feeling like a star.

  4. ANSHITA (vanity no apologies)

    Anshita is a fashion maniac from delhi. She started blogging in the year 2010. Her blog is a one stop solution for all your fashion queries. The blog is all about making you a smart shopper. The blog provides you review of any new beauty product that is launched in the market, hair and skin care tips, new trend in market etc.

  6. GIA KASHYAP (Gia says that)

    Gia is a fashionista who got the taste of success at very young age. To share her part of success and knowledge she started the blog named “GIA SAYS THAT” in 2010. Her blog is a gateway to the world of fashion, beauty and food. The best part of her blog is the lookbook where she locks all her trendy looks just for her readers.


    Parimita Chakravorty is a person who plays many roles. Call her, an author, blogger, features writer, a communications specialist, she fits perfect in all the roles. Her blog, Mumbai Gloss is one among the top fashion blogs in India. Mumbai Gloss is all about the glamour life of the city. Be it any event, beauty, style, fashion, celebrity style, food, restaurants, shopping, nightlife or travel, you will get it all, under the same roof here.

  10. SHALINI CHOPRA (stylish by nature)

    Shalini Chopra is an fashion blogger who owns a blog named ‘Stylish by nature’. The blog is one of the top fashion blogs in India. It shares information on topics like lifestyle, street style, vintage, designer couture collections, affordable fashion, product reviews etc. The main purpose of the blog is to serve the fashion lovers with useful fashion guidance.

  12. AAYUSHI BANGUR (style drive)

    Aayushi Bangur is a fashion blogger in India. Her blog is a right place for the fashion lovers. It provides solutions to all your fashion disasters. The blog is about fashion, style and other related stuffs. It’s a blog that serves readers with news on current trends, styling ideas and product reviews etc.

  14. RASHMI & JYOTI (beauty and fashion freaks)

    The owners of the blog ‘BEAUTY AND FASHION FREAKS’, are two sister named Rashmi and Jyoti. The blog is all about beauty, fashion, makeup and bridal, celebrity fashion, reviews, new trends, shopping, wellness and full on masti,

  16. NIKITA BHATIA (the shopaholic diaries)

    Nikita Bhatia is the fashion blogger of the blog named ‘THE SHOPAHOLIC DIARIES’. The blog is all about everyday fashion, style and shopping. The blog has a collection of some interesting articles on fashion and latest trends.

  18. DEVINA MALHOTRA (Guilty bytes)

    Devina Malhotra started blogging in the year 2012. Her blog covers all the latest trends, details about clothes and accessories, what to wear with what etc. She give useful tips on how to match up simple things with your dress and make them seem interesting. She is talented enough to mix the fashion trends with her own personal style and create wonders in the world of fashion.

  20. ABHILASHA (Looking good feeling fab)

    Abhilasha is one of the top fashion blogger in India. The blog is far more than anyone can think what fashion is. It tries to explain what it feels to be stylish. The different perspective of the blogger about the fashion, can be seen clearly in the blog. Unique looks, hairstyles and beauty tips make the blog one among the best.