Top Indian Mobile Company Websites 2014


When talking about mobile phones everyone knows Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony. But these all are foreign companies. How many of you know about the Indian Mobile phone manufacturing companies? Here is the;

List of Top Indian Mobile Manufacturing Companies


    Micromax is an Indian consumer electronics company headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. The website of Micromax is a true example of smart and creative website. The amazing images with scrolling tabs of different category on homepage makes the site interesting. It makes the homepage clear and easy to understand.


    Karbonn Mobiles is a telecommunication firm in India which was founded in March 2009. It is a joint venture mobile manufacturing company between the Bangalore based United Telelinks Limited and Noida based Jaina Marketing & Associates. The website of Karbonn is one of the best websites in telecommunication services. The continuously flipping images and fixed icons on the left side of the homepage not only make it look awesome but also makes it user friendly.

  5. SPICE
  6. SPICE

    Spice is a mobile operators based at Noida, India. The website of spice is simple and concentrates on offering information. with less graphical and more informational, the website is good enough to attract quality visitors.

  7. LAVA
  8. LAVA

    Lava International Ltd is an Indian mobile handset company with its based in Noida. The Lava website is covered in simplicity. The home screen is divided into four parts. And that makes the navigation easy.

  9. XOLO
  10. XOLO

    Xolo is an Indian smart devices brand launched in early 2012. Brand is owned by Lava International and its head office is located at Noida, Uttar Pradesh.The website of Xolo attracts the visitors with the mindblowing images of mobile phones and accessories. The use the homepage to promote their phones with style.

  12. INTEX

    Intex is an Indian smartphones manufacturing company headquartered in New Delhi, India. The website of Intex is an all rounder. Along with the good looks it has managed to carry quality information, strong social interactions and dual- communication process.

  13. iBALL
  14. iBALL

    iBall is a privately held Electronics company headquartered in Mumbai, India. It has a single screen homepage with simple design. One can find everything on homepage itself. that makes it user friendly.


    Reliance Communications Ltd. (RCOM) is an Indian Internet access and telecom company, which also manufacture mobile phones.It is based in Navi Mumbai. The website is purely informational. The text is accompanied with the images of mobile phones. It has the quality content with digestible quantity.


    In November 2009, Videocon launched its new line of mobile phones.[8] Videocon has, since launched a number of handsets ranging from basic colour FM phones to high-end Android devices. The website of Videocon has big images of their mobile phones with text about the exclusive features on them which becomes the limelight spot for the visitors on the website.

  19. OLIVE
  20. OLIVE

    Olive Telecom is Headquartered in Gurgaon, India. The website of Olive is simple and purely informational.

Next time when you buying a phone, do consider these options too. After all they offer you with same features at affordable price.