Top Matrimony Websites in India 2014


Marriage is a very crucial step of life. One wrong move and life can become a mess. Thus before taking any decision one always have to be sure that he/she doesn’t make a mistake in making choice, when it comes to the life partner. It is said that marriages are made in heaven. But the path to find your soulmate has to be decided here, on earth. Some travel towards the highway of love and others take up the road of arrange marriage. Matrimony Sites can be defined as the vehicle which helps you cross the road of arrange marriage. So, in that way Matrimony sites have become an important ingredient of this recipe of life.

To celebrate the whole process of arrange marriage, we come with the list of Top Matrimony Websites in India.

Top Matrimony Websites In India 2014

  1. SimplyMarry
  2. Simply Marry

    The beautifully designed website of simplymarry is itself the sign that the website is the fast growing matrimony portal in india. The homepage of the website is wonderfully done. The free matrimony services given by them is the main attraction of the site. Simplymarry is one of the best portal to choose a right partner.

  3. BharatMatrimony
  4. Bharat Matrimony

    Bharatmatrimony is India’s best matrimony website with highest number of documented marriages online. Bharat Matrimony has a very well designed website with each category placed in a clean and decent way. It will help you in smooth and confusion free browsing. So if you want to enjoy the experience of finding your Mr. Right, Bharat matrimony could be a good option.

  6. Shaadi is Indian online matrimony potral. It is the most preferred and most trusted site for marriages. Shaadi guarantees best service to it’s customer. The website of is known for the detailed search form which helps the customer to find the accurated match. Afterall who doesn’t want to find the his/her soulmate.

  7. Jeevan Saathi
  8. Jeevan Sathi

    Jeevan Saathi is one of the top matrimony portal in India. Jeevan saathi like its name suggest tries to match the best pair. The major attraction of the website is it’s never ending list of achievements in matrimony business.

  9. Community Matrimony
  10. Community Matrimony

    The Community matrimony website stands out from the other websites for its amazing homepage which has being designed so well that the search for the partner becomes simple and easy. This awesome and easy to use website should definitely be in your list when you start your search.

  11. M4Marry
  12. M 4 Marry

    M4Marry is a matrimony portal for the malayalee community around the world. The website has the best collection of brides and grooms database. It will give you an awesome experience of perfect match hunt.

  13. Matrimonials
  14. Matrimonials India

    The best thing about the website is its exclusive database of NRI brides and grooms. They have the best database for the NRI’s who are looking for a partner. If you are dreaming of marrying a NRI, why waiting, just get yourself registered today.

  15. Divorcee Matrimony
  16. Divorcee Matrimony

    Divorcee Matrimony is a second chance to start your life new. This site is specially made for those who are looking for a second chance. The website must be given a thumbs up for its simple design and wonderful work.

  17. Vivaah
  18. Vivaah

    Vivaah is a upcoming matrimony portal. The website is famous for the free of cost services it provide to its customer. The website is designed is such a way that it avoids the clustering of images and text.

  19. Mera Saathi
  20. Mera Sathi

    Mera Saathi is one of the famous indian matrimony site. The website is among the best sites for its outstanding services and wonderfully arranged homepage.

    So when you have so many options with you to find your ideal partner, what are you waiting for?? Just go and explore.