Top News Channel Websites in India 2014


News has been an important aspect of modern life. Our day doesn’t start without a newspaper or listening to news on television. It is the very first thing we do in the morning. So, when it is such an important thing in our life, why don’t we remember the names of the sources that provide us such information? Do you remember? Yes!! ok, tell me the names of few popular news channels? Don’t know…. worry not. We bring to you the list of;

Top News Channels in India 2014

  1. ABP News
  2. ABP News

    ABP News Website is on the top of the list for its amazing efforts to spread the news all around India. Normally, it is seen that a website uses not more that two languages (Hindi & English). But ABP website is multi lingual that too in five different languages. Isn’t it amazing effort that must be applauded.

  3. Live India
  4. Live India

    Live India Website is uniquely designed. It’s homepage is divided into many sections. each section denotes a news category like entertainment news, sports news, national news, health, and so on. This helps in easy navigation in the website. Easy to use websites are always on the priority list of readers.

  5. Headlines Today
  6. Headline Today

    Headline Today website is one of the few sites which isn’t cluttered with too much of text on its homepage. It has arranged its pages into a small list of news stories which makes it easy to read. Every news is accompanied with an apt photo.

  7. News Nation
  8. News Nation

    News Nation is a 24-hours national hindi new channel owned by News Nation Network Pvt Ltd. The best thing about this site is separate tabs for breaking news, trending stories, upcoming programmes in channel etc. One can get full information on the homepage of the website itself.

  9. NDTV India
  10. ndtv-best-indian-sites

    NDTV India is a hindi news channel in India owned by New Delhi Television Limited. NDTV India is one of the popular news channels in India. It is actively involved in interactions on social media like twitter. It has a banner at the bottom of the homepage that keeps updating the tweets of NDTV India.

  11. CNN IBN
  12. CNN IBN

    CNN IBN is a multi lingual website which runs on three languages ie.Hindi, English and Marathi. The site is famous for its news stories. The full coverage of the news story is the attraction for the readers.

  13. Zeenews
  14. zee-news-best-indian-sites

    Zeenews is a popular hindi news channel. There website serves with the updated news story. The website makes sure that the fresh news is served to the readers.

  15. Aaj Tak
  16. AAJ TAK

    Aaj Tak is a Hindi New channel owned by TV today Network. Aaj Tak has been the Winner of the title “Best News Channel” from Indian Television Academy Award for 13 successive years. You will find innumerable news stories updated on the website on the continuous basis. The capability publishing the latest news online puts the website on our list.

  17. India Tv
  18. INDIA TV

    India Tv is a simple and sober designed website. The Different sections on the website homepage for different categories of news makes the site easy to use and reader friendly.

  19. Times Now

    Times Now is a hindi news channel in India. The website is known for its special coverage on news stories and exclusive news items. They provide a large amount of exclusive news stories and special coverage news.

Now, when i have finished with the list, make sure you don’t forget them next time, when someone asks you.