Top Pre Schools in India


Early childhood education serves as the base of an healthy life. If given proper education and care during the early age of kids, they grow and develop into a good human being. So its important that parents take good care while choosing a preschool for their kids. Here is a list of few top preschools in India, where your kid can get a right atmosphere to grow and develop his skills.

List of best play schools in India.

  2. kidzee

    Kidzee is the largest pre school chain in Asia. It has around 1500 centers in approx 550 cities. Kidzee is the right place for a kid to grow. Kidzee has different programs for kids of different age group such as playgroup program,nursery programs and kindergarten programs. Kidzee make sures that every kid gets the right amount of attention and love in kidzee premises.

  4. shemrock

    Shemrock is the first play school chain in India. It came into existence 1989. Today, Shemrock has more than 330 centres spread all over India. Shemrock has many awards in its batch holder like country’s Most Awarded School Chain, Best Preschool of the Year by Worldwide Achievers and many more. Shemrock is an ideal illustration of playful learning.

  6. bachpan

    Established in 2005, Bachpan is one of the fastest growing play school chains in India. It has more than 1000 branches spread all over India. Bachpan is an appropriate place for kids of age group 2 to 5. Bachpan follows a child-friendly education system where the kids are nurtured into a happy and healthy human being.

  8. euro kids

    Euro Kids is one of the top pre schools in India. Since 2001, Euro kids has been helping millions of toddlers learn and explore new things. It has been working dedicatedly in the field of early childhood education. It has been providing a healthy environment to the kids to grow into a better person.

  10. tree house

    Tree House is one of the leading preschools in India. They have been working with utter dedication in the area of early childhood education. Their well planned curriculum and skilled teachers make it a right place for the tiny ones. They have also won many awards for their brilliant work in the field of early childhood education.

  12. mother's pride

    Mother’s Pride is one of the best Preschools in India. Their main mantra is “Let children be themselves”. It is a place where child’s each and every talent is nourished and developed. Their trained professional teacher and staffs create a homely atmosphere for the toddlers. Kids are allowed to play and learn.

  14. smart kids

    Smart Kids is a play school chain which has its presence in 5 major locations in India. They excel in early childhood education and playful learning. They also operate day cares and after care centres where kids get healthy atmosphere to grow and develop. Kids are provided a loving and supporting environment just like their home.

  16. jumbo kids

    Jumbo Kids is more than a play school. They are an excellent example of Playful learning and kids education. They help kids in developing physical, emotional, communication, intellectual and social skills. They provide kids a healthy atmosphere to grow and nourish.

  18. little elly

    Little Elly is one of the most desired Preschools in parent’s checklist. Little Elly believes in the all round development of tiny ones. They believe that in this most crucial age of growth ie. 1 to 5, kids should get proper atmosphere to explore and learn new things. And therefore they have been trying their best to provide an healthy environment to the preschoolers to grow and develop.

  20. hello kids

    Hello kids is an ideal place for tiny ones to grow into a sharp and brilliant kid. Hello Kids believe in playful learning. They provide preschoolers an atmosphere to quench their curiosity and explore new things. Hello Kids welcome kids of age group 1.5 to 5.5years. Hello kids ensure all round development of kids.