Top Production House Website in India 2014

    What we would have done if there were no movies or entertainment? Almost dead. Life without entertainment is impossible to think. Same way, movies without production house is also impractical thing. Production houses provide base to the movie. From raising funds to arranging shoots, everything is done by production house. So we can say that a production house is a mother who gives birth to movies.

    List of some Top Indian Production Houses Website 2014

    1. Dharma Production

      Dharma Production is an indian production house owned by karan Johar. Website of Dharma Productions is the best site once can every witness. Continuously flipping posters of famous movies on the homepage of the website accompanied with background music creates the aura of entertainment.

    3. Eros International Media Ltd

      Eros is one of the known Indian Motion pictures company. It has given some best movies to the bollywood like Laawaris, Shaan, Mr. India, Heyy babyy and so on. Larger than life images of upcoming projects of Eros on homepage is the real attraction point of the website. These Super images gives the viewers hope that soon they will be out with some wonderful movies for our enjoyment.

    5. Red chillies Entertainment

      Red Chillies Entertainment is indian motion pictures company headed by Superstar Shah Rukh Khan and star wife Gauri Khan. Website of Red Chillies among top for its colourful homepage and detailed content on the website.

    7. T Series
    8. T SERIES

      Website of T-series has exclusive elements for the viewers. They have arranged tabs for special features like Latest Videos, Top tracks, Latest news etc. These factors bring extra fun on the website.

    9. Yash Raj Films

      Yash Raj Films is an Indian entertainment company established by Yash Chopra, an Indian film director and producer who was considered an entertainment king in India. Yash Raj website has super social media interactions which make the website two way communicative. If you are a yash raj films fan, don’t forget to follow them on facebook, twitter, instagram,youtube, pinterest, google+ and many more.

    11. Balaji Motion Pictures

      Balaji Telefilms and Motion Pictures is a production house based in Mumbai, India run by Ekta Kapoor. The website of Balaji has almost every information about its serials and movies, old to new.

    13. Rajshri Productions

      Rajshri Productions Pvt. Ltd is a film production company in India, and primarily involved in producing hindi movies. The website is among best for it’s amazingly designed website. the creativity and efforts put on the website must be appreciated.

    15. Mukta Arts
    16. MUKTA ARTS

      Mukta Arts is an Indian film production company. It operates as an entertainment company that primarily produces motion pictures, and run by Director Subhash Ghai. The website is divided into many small small tabs with takes the viewer to different sections of websites.

    17. AVM Productions
    18. AVM

      AVM Productions is an oldest Indian film production studio based in Chennai. It has produced over 170 films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Bollywood cinema. The purity and simplicity of website is the real heart winner among the website.