Top Travel Bloggers in India


Is travelling the world, one of your dream? Are you passionate about travel?

There are many people in India who share the same passion as you? Travelling is in their blood and adventure is their habit. These people rome all around the country and explore new incredible places. Living next to nature makes them calm and relaxed. These people are the ones who make others realized that india is way more beautiful than others think.

Below are some awesome travel bloggers who will take you to a many beautiful places with there amazing writing talent and unlimited experience.

List of some amazing travel bloggers in beautiful India.

  1. Dheeraj Sharma

    Dheeraj is one of the top travel bloggers in India. Dheeraj is a software engineer by profession and a traveller by passion. His blog ‘Devils on Wheels’ shares his experiences, learning, thoughts, tips, guides, routes, maps, suggestions, hotel reviews, travel news etc. The blog is about his hobbies and passion to explore himalayas.

  3. Shivya Nath

    This young lady is an Indian travel blogger who has left her comfortable corporate life, just to follow her passion for traveling. She travels the world in her own terms and like to explore and write about the least known places in the world. She is an inspiration to all those young ladies who have the same passion but yet to take an appropriate action.

  5. Sankara

    You can call him traveller, blogger, photographer. He fits in all these characters very well. He started a travelling blog in 2009 as a hobby and today it is his living. He is ranked among the top travel bloggers in India. His passion towards travelling has made him travel in all 7 continents of the world. He is truly an inspiration to others.

  7. Prasad NP

    Prasad is an owner of indian travel blog named “Desi Traveler”. His blogs are different from other travel bloggers. His blog is about something more than travelling. His blogs not only share his experience of traveling but also shares the informations and facts he got about the place while his journey. He is simply more than a traveler.

  9. Lakshmi Sharath

    Lakshmi Sharath is an indian travel blogger who is crazy about the temples and villages of India. Her interest in undiscovered temples and villages has made her one of the top indian travel bloggers. Her passion for travelling has made her explore many places which you won’t even find in the google maps.

  11. Ajay Jain

    Ajay Jain is one of the best indian travel bloggers. His blog kunzum is very popular among the travel lovers. They trust this blog for reliable travel information. His blogs have a huge followers and is one among the top indian travel blogs.

  13. Neelima Vallangi

    Neelima is an indian travel blogger who loves to explore lesser known places. She is an adventure seeker. Trekking is one of her favourites. Trave with Neelima is her blog which shares her experiences with others. Neelima is one of the top travel bloggers in India.

  15. Anuradha Shankar

    A housewife, a mother, a traveller, a bookworm, and an aspiring writer. Anuradha is a person in many roles. Her love for travel made her write blogs which is one of the top travel blogs in India. Her blog shares experiences and stories for her trips.

  17. Siddhartha Joshi

    Siddhartha is one of the top India travel blogger. He is a product designer by profession. He also has a passion for traveling. He writes a blog ‘The Wanderer’ and shares his experiences there. He believes that we get a chance to live only once, so we must live it fully.Travelling, trekking and photography is something he enjoys the most. He is an inspiration to every travel lover.