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Troubleshooting is an important aspect when you are dealing with computers because there is not a single computer which does not give some trouble at some point of time. Many people spend time and money on computer vendors but if anyone knows the basics of computer software and hardware then one can fix many problems all by themselves. There are many websites that will help you to troubleshoot your computer related problems. Check out the following sites to find out about various types of trouble shooting.

hpskids (www.hpskids.com/sun_solaris.htm)

The site is specifically designed to help people solve their computer related problems along with repair questions. In addition to this it also provides Win 95 and Win 98 tips, hardware upgrades and helps you to keep your PC in good running condition. You can send your computer trouble shooting problem to this site and experts will provide you with solutions. This site also contains a number of links. Check this links if you want tips and troubleshooting your PC.

skillsheaven (skillsheaven.com)

Facing computer related problems? Don't waste your money on computer vendors, instead troubleshoot your computer problems all by yourself. Wonder how? Come to this site and you will know how to handle some basic problems with computers. Here, you will find step by step solution to your various problems in software and hardware.

kamalcomputers (kamalcomputers.org)

A number of experts will help you to solve your problems in computer in this site. The mission of this site is to help people in solving their hardware and networking problems. Whatever the problem is the panel of expert will surely identify the problem in your computer and help you to troubleshoot it.

themanagementor (www.themanagementor.com/EnlightenmentorAreas/it/WA/Troubleshooting.htm)

Computer is an essential part of todayís life and various problems occur in handling the computer. If you need to troubleshoot your computer problems then come to this site. Step by step solution is given so that even novice people find it easy to follow. You donít need to be computer savvy to follow the guidelines.

cyberciti (www.cyberciti.biz/faq/category/troubleshooting/)

You don't have to call your computer vendors every now and then whenever you face problems in your computer. You don't have to waste your money and time on them either. Just come to this site. This site presents an archive for troubleshooting all computer problems.

vsnsoft (www.vsnsoft.org/cp.html)

This site recommends few steps for you to try when troubleshooting any software or hardware related issue. If you don't have much knowledge on computer software and hardware and feel helpless in computer troubleshooting then you will be benefited by visiting this site. It gives an overview of all the basic yet probable computer problems and helps you to find the common error and advices you on how to fix the problem.

tribuneindia (www.tribuneindia.com)

Computer learning is incomplete without the knowledge in computer troubleshooting. It will be impossible to find a computer which never faced a problem. Most of the people, who have to handle computers everyday, don't have much knowledge in computer software, hardware, operating system etc. That explains why many people find it difficult to solve even the basic computer problems. This site presents an interesting article on troubleshooting computers. Reading this article will broaden your knowledge on computer troubleshooting.

computerwarehousepricelist (www.computerwarehousepricelist.com/troubleshooting-tips-hdd.asp)

If you have a new computer and recently installed your drive then you may face many hard disk related problems. This site provides you with information on basic troubleshooting tips after installing a new hardware drive. If the installed drive does not function properly then follow the given basic checks to identify and solve your problems from this site.

ciol (www.ciol.com)

The task of troubleshooting is not an easy task. It requires the basic understanding of the computer operating system. This site offers you information on troubleshooting PCQLinux 2007. It gives you an easy to follow instruction for installing and you can also send your computer software related problems for troubleshooting in this site.

arihantcomputer (www.arihantcomputer.com)

The technical team of Arihant will provide a quick and expert solution if your computer is affected by virus. If virus affects your computer then it can harm different systems of the computer. You need the expert advice to troubleshoot such problems. Apart from that you may find this site helpful in troubleshooting various problems like data recovery, network solution, virus cleaning, computer operating system, printers and peripherals.

The above list of sites will help you in computer troubleshooting.

If you need further information on any other subject, visit the following site:

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