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Expressing yourself with words has always been made easy with writing. The most common and interesting fact about writing is that different people have different forms of writing which brings out their character. This probably has been the inspiration behind the discovery of innumerable fonts. Similarly typography brings out the character of the document. An official document needs to have an official look, whereas if you want to let someone know how special he or she is to you, you will have to use a font that reflects your feelings instantly and hence the mixture of typefaces. Typography also depends on the material it is going to be printed on. Well, this discussion will go on, but what you can do for the time being is go through the sites we have handpicked for you to explore.


All the books you need for your collection of typography and knowledge about them, you’ll get them here. This site will be of real help for all those DTP operators and also those who are fond of collecting different type fonts. The prices of the books are mentioned and you may even order your choice of book online.


This is your visual guide to the various kinds of fonts you can think of. It will give you old and new fonts all for you to collect. You have text fonts, script fonts, fonts that have a personal touch and by that we mean fonts that look like they have been handwritten. In case you need a very corporate look to your document then they also have a corporate font. The list in exhaustive


For constructive tips on how to make Indian fonts, do visit this site. This site gives you a detailed description on why Indian font designs had taken a backseat earlier and how they are emerging as beautiful Indian scripts. A font needs to look friendly and harmonious to be able to attract users or readers and how to make them exactly so have been explained here. So all those interested visit this site and get to know more.


Bengali, Devnagari, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, this site has everything. They have a collection of these Indian fonts for everyone to use. They have an A-Z list of fonts and if this does not tempt you to visit their site, believe me nothing will. This site primarily has fonts from Microsoft but one will really be amazed at the collection and range they provide.


This site contains a whole list of topics on typography. The choice is much more varied here and you can choose from a whole range of fonts. There are links to various fonts which in turn gives the viewers a wide range to choose from. You will also get the history of typefaces and there is also a blog where you can contribute about all the free fonts available online.


You can find many books on typography from this site. If you are in any of the fields like advertising, film posters, book writing, covers, products, packaging, television graphics then you may be interested in books of typography because it will help you to look at ways in which typography can be used in these fields.


This site presents types of design projects in the language Malayalam and Roman script and develops design symbols and clip arts to different subjects. This site also includes sections on Malayalam typefaces, Roman typefaces, Symbol fonts and icon fonts. Visit this site to explore more.


Resource has a design team who are immensely interested in all the different elements of graphic design that includes typography with colour, layout and overall effectiveness. If you want things to be done with a difference, then you should visit here.


This website talks about a project that documents rare and interesting instances of typography in Mumbai public places. These typefaces are examined from two different points of views namely graphic design and social significance. Visit this site to know more about this interesting project on typography.


The Type studio aims to develop a platform for research in the fields of font design, publication design and design for children and to encourage students to take up projects in typography. The quality of communication design can be improved in India if more and more projects are done in this field of typography. Find out more about this studio and its research in typography.

The above list of sites will inform you about Typography.

If you need further information on any other subject, visit the following site:

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