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A collection of numerous bulletin boards residing on the internet is what a Usenet is all about. Each bulletin board contains committed discussion groups and newsgroups. These groups are again dedicated to myriad topics. This acts as an interactive forum for the users of this Usenet. They can post or even respond to messages posted on the Usenet. Find out sites where you can interact with your kind of people.

allindianewspapers (www.allindianewspapers.com/newsgroups/usenet-newsgroups-usenet1.htm)

You are entitled to your bit of news from this site. Find out news about India and other International news. You can view from several categories. The site has interesting topics to choose from and also updates you on the current events. Visit the site for more information on Usenet.

seekandsource (www.seekandsource.com/scripts/registrationByCustomer.aspx)

This is your guide to the various categories in newsgroups. You can enquire on anything beginning from arts and crafts to consultancy and research and finally to textiles or tourism and travel. Click in the categories and you will be guided to a whole group of companies associated with what you are looking for. You can register yourself with them and share your piece of information for other users to view. You can even put in your classifieds ad here. View their catalogue and find out from their varied categories which sector you want to traverse. For added information visit the site.

samachar (www.samachar.com/tech/)

View your news on sports, business, NRI Finance, Astrology and more from this site. Visit this site and you will be entitled to the top headlines of the day. You can also report an offensive ad with them. Interestingly, you will find a 7days archive which will help you to update yourself in case you have missed any news. Visit the site for your daily dose of news bits.

newsreader (newsreader.com)

Subscribe to this Usenet newsgroup and find yourself drooling over news bits. Visit their free demo link to get an idea of what they have on offer. The site also tells you about the awards that they have received. The site will help you read news from any web browser. Get easy to download files, constant re-scan for new news and much more once you subscribe to this group. View the FAQs section where they have answered probable questions. Click the link above for more information.

seopuretech (www.seopuretech.com/resources/usenet.htm)

Let this be your guide on how to use the Usenet. It will tell you how to find topic related newsgroups, the etiquettes you are supposed to maintain on the net while using the Usenet etc. You can also register yourself and your products for others to view. They have an impressive client base and you can have access to them too. View the business opportunities at their site. If this sounds interesting to you, click on the link above and have fun.

seopuretech (www.seopuretech.com/resources/usenet.htm)

This is the official website of seopuretech.com. It is a Usenet group whose aim is to discuss questions and answers about Usenet and internet. This is a news group that is for the beginners as well as the experts. Usenet can be defined as a band of electronic bulletin boards. Each bulletin in Usenet board is called a group or newsgroup. Here you will also find useful info on topic related news groups, Usenet and Netiquette.

google.co.in (www.google.co.in/googlegroups/about.html)

The mission of Google Usenet is to make the world of information easily accessible to every one which everyone will find useful. It provides a free service that helps groups of people to communicate effectively by the use of e-mail & the web. In the home page hosted by Google, every member can start a new discussion or answer to an old topic. To obtain more information about its Usenet, visit this site.

blonnet (www.blonnet.com)

Beginners who donít know much about the use of Usenet will find this site helpful. After giving a short history of Usenet, it describes all about Usenet. The increasing use of Usenet is going to change the face of the mass media. This article on Usenet will broaden your knowledge on Usenet.

pppindia (www.pppindia.com/tips.htm)

Usenet can be described as a world wide discussion system consists of a set of newsgroups with names that are classified according to the subject. One can ask, answer or discuss about a topic in a group of Usenet. Come to this site and will provide you with some useful tips on how to access Usenet.

infobanc (www.infobanc.com/articles/faida_13.htm)

This site presents an article on Usenet and discusses about its origin and other related interesting facts. A band of electronic boards is termed as a Usenet. Every bulletin in Usenet is called a newsgroup and posted massages are called articles or posts. Anyone who is member of such a group can post a comment on a topic and will get response from the fellow group members. To find out more on Usenet, read the full article from this site.

The listed sites here will help you to find info on Usenet.

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