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In India video game is gaining popularity by the day. Previously it was perceived as a means of entertainment only for the small kids, now it has even captured the interests of the middle-aged. Playing video games is the favorite pastime for the children and adults alike. The world is going berserk over the enormous range of video and computer games that are developed and sold everyday. The Indian games market is stocked to the hilt with all kinds of video and computer games. Embark on an exciting gaming expedition by logging on the following 10 top portals --- Happy gaming!

gameguru (www.gameguru.in)

Game guru is probably the biggest website to deal with games. It comes with a huge collection of video games as well as classifies its contents according to the nature of gaming in subsequent categories. Here the browsers can also search for the latest versions of their favorite games online. It also has a category which lists the latest games which are most popular and also contains gaming archives.

ebay (http://videogames.ebay.in)

It is the gaming section of the famous online auction website eBay. in.It consists of a huge collection of video games which are available for sale over the net. The most unique feature of this site is that it contains a vast collection of video games which are divided in separate categories. If the browsers are looking for something like a Sony Play Station or an X- BOX, Sega Dreamcast or other technically advanced games, then this site is a one-stop destination.

gujaratgifts (www.gujaratgifts.com/videogame.htm

It is the gaming section of the portal gujratgifts.com. Mainly attempted towards the teenagers, it has a wide variety of video games which can enthrall even kids. Games range from calculator embedded video game to computer look like video game and many more. It can deliver its products anywhere in India and all the prices listed in this site are inclusive of shipment charges.

bhaskar (shopping.bhaskar.com/shop/product/kids_store/games)

Here the browsers can find games of several categories like action games, card games, board games and off course video games.In the video games section it has huge offerings in the likes of Junior TV game, virtual boxing game, ping pong game, virtual tennis game etc. For shopping from this site, one can also make use of his credit card; in this site all the leading cards are accepted to facilitate shopping.

chennaiplaza (www.chennaiplaza.com)

From this site the web browsers can view a huge variety of Video games in the likes of mid town madness, Road rash, Ralli sport challenge and many more. It also has religious games in video format like folk tales about Shri Krishna and several other legendary characters.

indiagames (tadkalive.indiagames.com)

Even a few years back people were very skeptical about virtual games. It was supposed that the computer and video games will cast a negative influence on the society. But recent researches prove the contrary. Extensive studies reveal that computer and video games play a vital role in healing and convalescing. It is even considered a highly efficient tool for physiotherapy since it involves physical exercise of the fingers and the muscles. Check-out the amazing article hosted by this website and enlighten yourself on the advantages of virtual games.

yahoo (in.dir.yahoo.com/Recreation/Games/Video_Games/)

Are you a game freak? Make a visit to this portal coz it will offer you a comprehensive collection of the national and international game portals. Whether you are looking for online games portal or want to remain updated on the latest happenings in the world of virtual games it will cater to all your wishes. Were you looking for a website which will let you download your favorite games? --- Well then come to this portal. Get a hold on the game magazines; read fascinating reviews on computer and video games by checking in at this portal.

keralaonline (www.keralaonline.com/health/health.php?news=137)

Not very long ago playing video games was looked at with skepticism. But things have changed drastically now. People are now waking up to the benefits of virtual games. This portal will illuminate you on the advantages of playing virtual games. It posts an article which talks about the importance of video games --- playing high-quality video games enhances and boosts the performance of the children. Take a dig into the results of the various international research works carried out on virtual games by cruising through this portal.

financialexpress (www.financialexpress.com/fe_full_story.php?content_id=99896)

Everything has its positive and negative aspects. Playing high-quality video games enhances and boosts the performance of the children likewise continuous exposure to violent video games can make children aggressive. Over the past 20 years numerous studies were carried out on the impact of violent video games on the psychological health of the children. The article posted on this portal highlights the results of the studies. Take a sneak peek into this article and learn why you should prevent your kids from getting hooked to violent video games.

gamespot (www.gamespot.com)

Yet another gaming site, gamespot.com has a variety of offering to the Computer game lovers of the world. If you are a web browser keen to have the latest information about the new releases in the global gaming arena then you need to land up in this link .It contains the previews, reviews trailers of the latest games as well as contains a discussion forum for the game lovers. It also has a highest rated section where the gamers can rate the games of their likings.

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