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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an exponent of 3D modeling which allows a user to interact with a computer simulated environment. The world of virtual reality can be a real or imaginary one. Earlier virtual reality included only visual experience. But now it includes sound through speakers and even haptic systems which means tactile information through forced feedback. The world of virtual reality can be as real as the real world and can be utilized in fields like gaming, chatting, photography, real estate business etc. Bestindiansites.com presents 10 best websites on virtual reality. The experience you will gather is surely going to be worth the search. You are going to learn, know and be abreast about the bare truths of the kingdom of virtual reality.

tataelxsi (www.tataelxsi.com/htmls/sis/vroverview.htm)

Be a part of the environment that actually doesn't exist in the empirical world of matter. Not a joke, no kidding. This is what tataelxsi.com is providing as a premier service. Double up your productivity in business by cutting down the time in coming to a decision, time spent after visualizing solutions, communicating the to-be-processed data and saving quite an amount of your capital. Get effective, speedy and easily available solution for your business through virtually real service.

slexchange (www.slexchange.com/modules.php)

If you are among those who want to build their private nest in the virtual land, this is the place where you can get elements to turn your room into your home. This megaton virtual reality room gifts you with photo-realistic environment to your virtual life. Just feed in one command and you can watch your home built on landscapes, skies or other places where you can possibly stretch your imagination. 50x50x50m volume will infuse life into your virtual home. So, your fantasy is just a click away.

ada.gov (www.ada.gov.in/Facilities/VirtualRealityCentre/virtualrealitycentre.html)

For the less fortunate people who know very little about this virtual reality business, this is rather an eye-opener. From the basics of virtual reality modeling to the technical aspects, ada.gov.in gives you a solid overview of them all. Utility, features, components, virtual reality interfaces and translators, get them all here under one parent book. Even if you are just a toddler in the cyber space, you can see yourself grow into an eligible cyber-youth with the right intake of information. See you in your virtually real room in a few days!

amt.cmeri.res (amt.cmeri.res.in/vr.html)

If you are a novice and want to be an expert in virtual prototyping and simulation techniques, the professional players are waiting to teach you. Work with them to ascend the ropes of expertise keeping a strong foothold on developing techniques. Why just remain an avid audience of virtual reality? Participate in the game of shaping them up for others. Grab the opportunity to be the next to none in creating virtual realism.

vrealities (www.vrealities.com)

Shopping of products that are usable only in the virtual world is fun. Buy them online here from the gallery of numerous products. You would not have to budge an inch from your seat. Just click on the item, add on your cart, give them the card credit card number or the online account number of Pay pal or any other account you have registered for and get them delivered to your PC. Why PC and not doorstep? Remember, these are virtual items that give you the sense of reality?

vox360 (www.vox360.in)

Experience the joy of virtual reality through virtual photography. It is so real that you can imagine yourself being there. Why should you limit yourself to still photography? Virtual photography has arrived here to revolutionize your static images. The latest technology named Virtual reality is used in the work of Virtual Photography. It is very interactive and can be customized according to the customer's needs.

a1future (www.a1future.com/virtualreality.html)

Virtual reality has touched the zenith in the virtual world with the help of the latest technology. Now with the virtual reality you can imagine yourself being in a spaceship with an interactive experience visually in full real-time motion, with sound, and possibly other forms of supporting system. If it sounds amazing then explore the world of virtual reality with this site.

gisdevelopment (www.gisdevelopment.net/events)

If you think that virtual reality means the 3D models of objects then your notion is wrong. The world of virtual reality has advanced immensely and means more than 3D models. This site introduces you to the technologically advanced virtual world. This site specifically intends to discuss on the visualization of world heritage utilizing the virtual reality. Explore a new horizon of the virtual reality through this site.

rediff (www.rediff.com/search/2000/nov/16tr9.htm)

Tread on the territory of virtual reality through this site. It presents free software that will let you shop online in a virtual mall, explore virtual worlds, build your own 3D homes online, play interactive 2D &3D games and much more. Experience the most powerful virtual reality which lets you visit and chat in incredible 3D worlds that are built by other users. If you think that you have the ability to build your own world of virtual reality games, then let this site help you in that.

my-multimedia (www.my-multimedia.com/virtual.htm)

Virtual reality is the advanced extension of 3D modeling. The world of virtual reality is created to help you in promoting your projects or certain businesses which no amount of advertising or marketing can. This multimedia service specializes in high rise building or real estate layout modeling which will promote your business at an affordable rate. If you feel curious, then find out more by visiting this site.

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