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Doesn't a bright sunny day bring a bright smile on your face? Do you like to get wet in the rains? Do you like to take a stroll in the evening with the gentle wind blowing past you? Well, wouldn't it be nice if you could get the weather forecast before you plan an outing? If you think just like us then you will be interested in these ten interesting sites www.bestindiansites.com has listed for you below. Take a look and be informed.

NIC (www.weather.nic.in)

You don't have to depend on the weather man anymore to be able to know the weather conditions of your city or anywhere in India. Simply click on the link above and find out about the weather conditions. Know the humidity of your city or town through this link. Finding out the weather has been made easy through this site. There is already a 5 day weather forecast given for you. You can have an idea of what the weather is going to be like for the next five days. This site is really interesting. Go ahead and click on the link.

indiatimes (weather.indiatimes.com)

Are you planning a trip with your family? Maybe you should visit this site and just find out the weather conditions of where you are planning to go. Yes, this site definitely tells you about the weather of the Metros of India and also the States. Not only that, you will also find International weather reports here. New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo are all listed here. Look for what you want to.

in.yahoo.com (in.weather.yahoo.com)

Browse to find a location on yahoo.com and lo! You will have the weather of that location. Isn't this wonderful? Well, yes it of course is. You don't have to ask around or wait to get back home to switch on the television set to get to know the weather. You can just do it anywhere at the click of a mouse. Know the weather of the day and also get a forecast for the rest of the week. You may also view the map images of the highs and lows in the weather conditions. Visit the site for your weather queries.

msn (www.msn.co.in/weather/)

A well programmed and well structured weather forecast portal. Click on a map and you will get the weather conditions of your place. The map has been structured very neatly for you to understand and access. Get the maximum and minimum temperature of the day. You can also know if there is going to be any rainfall. Find out what weather condition your city is going through. Visit the site above.

ndtv (www.ndtv.com/weather/default.asp)

Get general information about the weather conditions in the North, East, West and South regions of India. You can click on the regional icon to get detailed weather reports. Besides this, there is also a pollution watch that they make. Get the pollution levels of your city at your finger tips. Find out more from their site.

IMD (www.imd.ernet.in/section/nhac/dynamic/today-weather.htm)

This is a site which furnishes you with a detailed and authentic weather forecast of India for the next five days. This is a site which systematically categorizes the various regions of India and gives separate weather fore cast for all of them. Some elaborate discussions on the local weather of the major Indian cities are also available in this site. Definitely a site worth a visit for a genuine weather watch.

thebestofindia (www.thebestofindia.com/weather.asp)

This could be an extremely useful site for you if you are browsing the net for authentic weather forecast of India. This extremely user friendly site has a colorful map of India and you have just to click on the required regions on that map to get the detailed weather report for that area. It also has some erudite discussion on the main features of today’s weather and the progress of monsoon in India. Some amazing weather pictures taken from the satellites are also furnished in this site.

indiaweather (www.indiaweather.in)

If you want to gather information about Indian weather this could be gem of a site for you. This site gives generic weather update of India as well as provides city wise weather reports. Monsoon forecast and the impact of monsoon on India are also well elaborated in this site. Not only that if you want specific weather forecast for your area this site also gives district level for cast of India. There is a glossary of weather related terms also provided in this site which will help you understand the various nuances of the weather reports better.

indiaweatherwatch (www.indiaweatherwatch.org)

Worried weather you still have a sweltering day ahead of you or you are going to get some much awaited rain in your city? This site brings all the pertinent information about weather trends all over India. It gives a generic weather forecast for the entire country and also gives detailed regional weather reports. There is a glossary of weather terms in this site too. You can search and procure detailed and specific weather report for your area by going to their weather search option and entering the name of the state and area which you are residing in.

ncmrwf (www.ncmrwf.gov.in)

This is the official site of for the National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF). This site harps on the various aspects of weather forecast for India. Regional forecasts as well as an overview of all weather bulletins are given in this site. There is a separate weather bulletin which advises farmer and agriculturist all over India about the forthcoming weather trends and possible impact of crops.

Explore the local and regional weather trends of India with the help of this page.

If you still need more information on any other topic please visit www.bestindiansites.com

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