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Muslim Marriages

Marriages are always joyous and special irrespective of religion. It is the starting of a new journey in life that the bride and groom pledge to share together. Every religion has its own set of rules, rituals and customs for marriages. Muslim Marriages are no exception. Muslim Marriages also have its share of wedding rituals such as baraat, nikaah, nikaahnama, rukshat, chauthi etc. to name a few. To gain more concrete and detailed knowledge on Muslim marriages, bestindiansites.com has compiled 10 best websites on Muslim Marriages.


Marriages are always joyous and special irrespective of religion. Want to know about the rituals and customs that are traditionally followed in Muslim marriages? Check out this site for well organized information on the marital system of Muslim religion and its myriad customs and traditions.

shubhlagan.in: (www.shubhlagan.in/Traditions_Muslim.asp)

Every religion has its own set of rules, rituals and customs for marriages. Muslim community is no exception. It also has its share of wedding ritual such as baraat, nikaah, nikaahnama, rukshat, chauthi etc. to name a few. To have your ideas on the Muslim marriages updated, try out this site. A must visit for all who wish to know the various joyful ceremonies celebrated in a Muslim marriage.


Are you searching for prospective Muslim brides and grooms? Here's a well informed web directory for you that is ready to help you with all information on Muslim weddings. Check out the site to know about the Muslim matrimonial services, marriages portals and more. Visit the matrimonial sites and choose the best bride or groom from a huge collection of profiles displayed. Give it a look.


Searching for bride or groom for your ward? Muslim Matrimonial.com is one of the best and largest Islamic matrimonial sites that can provide you with the best eligible brides and grooms for your child. Register yourself for free and go through the wide number of profiles posted in this site to pick out the potential ones. The quick search facility gives you the benefit to search quickly and easily.


Previously, social marriages were the accepted thing but with the change of time, legal marriage is the “in” thing. Muslim Marriage Act of 1939 clarifies the full provision of Muslim law for marriages, child custody, grounds for dissolution of marriage etc. To know in details about this act and its related issues, log in the site. Enhance your knowledge.


Want to know about the significance of Muslim marriages? Want to know about the customs and ritual of Muslim weddings and their importance? Visit this site and read through the article posted here written by Dhanyashree M. You will have a clear and uplifted knowledge about the Muslim marriage system. Try out the site and see for yourself.


Muslim marriages or “nikaah” as it is commonly called is an auspicious event for the bride and the groom. If you are interested to know about the customs, tradition and rituals of Islamic wedding browse through this site is must. Know about the wedding ceremony in a brief and precise manner with help of this site.


Muslim community has a set of tradition and customs that they follow for marriages. Here's a perfect site for you to go through and enhance your knowledge. Know about the Muslim theory of marriage, dower, essentials for valid marriages, effect of difference of religion and lots more by just a click on the site.


Wedding plans need a lot of time and organisation to be executed properly on the auspicious day. Every religion follows a different set of ritual and custom according to their faith. Get to know about the Muslim marriages, their rituals, post wedding rituals, pre-wedding rituals and all from this site only. Take a look.

hilalplaza.com: (www.hilalplaza.com/Muslim-Wedding/)

Want to know about the Muslim marriage system not only of India but also from around the world? Check out the site and see for yourself how Muslim marriages are arranged in various parts of the world such as Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Turkey and Tunisia. Gain more detailed knowledge on Muslim wedding with this site's help.

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