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Writer's job can be tricky at times, if they are not aware of the latest happenings in any particular field of study. In such a case writing can become abstract, vague and irrelevant. To help the writers overcome their follies, the internet is scattered with resources. These resources are a kind of reference from which they can generate new ideas, hone their writing skill and learn the tricks and ways to write correctly and competently. This page will help the writers as well as the interested browsers to find out the best Indian websites on Writers resources.

contentwriter.in:(www.contentwriter.in/useful-links.htm )

Are you a content writer or do you aspire to be one in the days to come? Here you can find some very useful and important resources to make your writing better according to the industry needs. These resources include dictionary, blue book of grammar and punctuation, Google language tools, French assistance, readers digest and many more resources. Even some unique resources are also found here like fresh and new ideas on writing.

rediffblogs.com:(contentwritingindia.rediffblogs.com/ )

This website provides valuable information regarding writing for the web like precise writing, sharing of information in the optimal manner, sharing evocative information, prior & proper knowledge of target audience, areas of interest of one's target audience etc. It also alerts the writers about the most common mistakes which occur while writing like recycling of existing articles, semantic problems, grammatical mistakes etc and also guides them so as to minimize these errors.


This website mainly aims at rectifying the common mistakes committed by the writers when they write reports, technical reports and other contents of the similar nature. It mainly highlights the purpose of writing should be clear in the writer’s mind and advises them to follow a top-to-down approach while writing. It also marks out the most read sections of any report and guides them how to produce higher quality of work. This website will be of prime importance for those who are engaged in technical writing and project writing.


If you are into case writing, then it's probably the best online resource you can ask for. Primarily aimed at those who deal with case writing, it discusses several important issues like understanding of what a case is, best page alignment that is to be followed in case writing, case description and many more. The crucial offering of this site is the complete case template in its downloadable version and also contains useful links to related communities and workshops.


This website primarily helps the technical writers to improve their style as well their content of writing. It enlists some of the useful packages which are of great value to the technical writers like the frame maker, MS Word, interleafs, arbor text, Quark Express, PageMaker and many more. From this site, the writers can even download these softwares for free or even buy their registered versions.


If writing is your forte then you have a very bright job prospect indeed. Click on this portal and get information on the writing jobs. Creative writers are in high demand these days. There are plenty of jobs on offer for the creative writers. This web portal will offer you precise and detailed information on the freelance writing jobs that are available right now. If you are looking for creative freelance writers well this portal welcomes you to choose the writers for your projects. The portal also hosts a search box which you will find extremely handy.


Are you aspiring to be a writer? This web portal is especially dedicated to the authors and the writers. The portal offers you an excellent opportunity to showcase your creations. Learn about the websites where you can post your own writings. If you are eager to pursue an online writing course check-out the free online writing courses that you can enroll for right now. Here you can also find useful links to related topics.

twb.in : (twb.in/resources/resources.html )

White papers, case studies, glossaries, dictionaries, grammar tool kits, style guides- what else does a writer need to scribble his or her way through to reach out to the target? If you thought you could do without them, you must give it a second thought. This is a block cut out for the writers. Apart from getting the usual tips and tricks of reaching cloud nine in the writing profession, you also get easy and uncurbed access to different other websites which would aid you in honing your writing skill. Want to learn it the professional way? Enroll for their training program and take the rein of your career smartly.

thesaurus.reference.com:(thesaurus.reference.com/ )

Arm yourself with all the essential resources before embarking on a writing career. This is a highly user-friendly web portal which will prove extremely useful to the aspiring writers. It will act as an excellent guide for the would-be writers. The portal is stuffed with valuable resources for the writers. Grab these essential resources before you start writing. It is a one-stop-portal where you will find a comprehensive collection of writer’s resources including dictionary, thesaurus, grammar guide, encyclopedia and the list goes on and on. The USP of this portal is its free downloading facilities --- check-it out by logging on to this portal.

perfectediting.com:(www.perfectediting.com/ebooks/content-presell.htm )

Grab a copy of the book titled, “Make Your Content PREsell” before taking a plunge in the writing profession. If you are wondering where to look for this book just click on this site and check-out why it’s a must-read for the aspiring writers. Perfectediting.com is the perfect haven for writers and editors. Check-out the related links on writing and editing which you will find extremely useful. Do you write news stories? Well then there is good news for you. Now you can post your news stories online --- click on this site and learn how to go about that.

Click on the link above www.bestindiansites.com