The history of yoga goes back to ancient times. Yoga has always been associated with Indian life style, thoughts and actions. It emancipates us from the negative energy in us while gradually transforming us to positive individuals. Yoga has emerged as a very powerful tool of self motivation and mastery of the self. These days people have been awakening to the long term holistic effect of practicing yoga. It has broken grounds in the western world as well as in the oriental countries. India is the land that gave birth to yogic asanas or yoga. has found you sites that will enlighten you on yoga, teach you a few of them and tell you how to remain in the pink of health through yoga. Learn about the yoga classes from this site. Media has also commented on this strategical healer. Find out what the media has to say. Glance through this web page.

If learning the art of yoga is what you are interested in, then visit this site. You will find articles to read, a yoga directory, yoga software and so much more on yoga. Learn how yoga can detoxify your body, how it can cleanse your body and also learn about yoga for beginners. You can also subscribe to their free newsletter.

Read about yoga and its emergence in this site. Your knowledge on yoga is bound to increase manifold once you go through this site. Learn yoga as a way of life. Did you know there are 8 steps to achieve knowledge of the self through yoga? If you didn't, then find out from this site. There is a lot of information on yoga on this site. You will also find the intricate aspects of yoga here. Don't wait for anything. Enlighten yourself now.


Worried about your child's health? Worried about your child's fitness routine? Don't be anymore. The site will take care of the fitness routine of your child. Find out six simple, yet effective yoga tips from this site. Find out how yoga can be effective for children. See if your child can benefit from this gentle form of exercise. You may even add your views on this site or you can read the views posted by other viewers.

This site belongs to a reputed yoga institute in Mysore which is affiliated to Yoga alliance of USA. This site brings you an insightful delineation about the art of yoga and its healing qualities. Some erudite quotations about yoga from the Vedas are also there in this site which would enlighten you more about the ancient yogic tradition of India. According to the Bhagvat Gita yoga is skill in actions and also Yoga is balance (samatva). This site also furnishes you with information on the students and facilities available in this yoga institute.

The art of yoga was born in India and it was practiced and perfected by Indian ascetics through out the ages. Nowadays yoga has become a way of life, it is an art of living life healthily and righteously with the right kind of exercises prescribed. “Yoga Sutra” the quintessential book on yoga was written by Patanjali. Get all these information on yoga and much more from this extremely useful site which delineates myriads of information on the ancient art of yoga

This is the official site of Morarji Desai Institute of yoga which is a yoga care institute under the purview of Ministry of Health and welfare, government of India. This institute was built to explore the tremendous potential of yoga as a health science, especially for stress related psycho-somatic diseases. This is a gem of a site for health freaks and yoga buffs for it gives you a lot of quotations on yoga, learned articles written on yoga and a detailed guideline of having a perfect yogic diet.

This is a website which brings to you a compilation of various erudite articles on yoga. These articles cover a wide array of topics from yogic postures, asanas to the spiritual benefit of yoga and the origin and evolution of yoga. If you are a hard core fan of yoga this will be a knock out site for you. The authentic information on yoga provided here is bound to enhance your knowledge about this ancient Indian healing tradition. This site also has some deep meditative article on the yogic vision and perspective of god which will awaken your spiritual side.

This site heralds information about an esteemed yoga research center which provides you with yogic remedies and cures for your ailments. It deals with hordes of topics on yoga too it tell you what is the best way to get started on yoga routines and what are the best yogic postures and asanas for your age group. This site is delightful site for all yoga aficionados. This site also takes time to dispel various myths about yoga and instructs you about the proper yogic foods that you can take to boost your immunity and be healthy.

If you don't know where you can take your yoga classes, visit the link and you will find out. Get to know about the yoga school of thought. Find related links too. Get directed to sites that explain the principles of yoga and also online yoga classes. There are, of course, yoga communities of which you can be a part. Find out more from the site.

Yoga is an ancient healing system which evolved in India thousands of years ago. But the relevance and utility has not been reduced with time. Even today yoga is being accepted as a true aid in curing various diseases by the modern medical science. This newspaper article is bears testimony of such and attempt by a Kanpur based doctor whose researches had revealed that yoga can aid and abate diabetes. For those who are interested in yogic cures for their maladies this could be an extremely interesting article.

Yoga heals. Yes, this is a claim but the claim isn't empty. This site will tell you how yoga can heal you and make you more resistant to stress, reduce your anxiety, and help you have a more efficient heart function and more. Learn about the yoga classes from this site. Media has also commented on this strategical healer. Find out what the media has to say. Visit the site.

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