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The youth today are a curious blend of materialistic and other worldly pursuits. They have been celebrated in cinema and a lot of other developmental activities are going on to promote youth welfare. Success drives youngsters today. They definitely turn to education for this success and have become quite focused in this field. ‘Education is cool' for them but selecting the right course becomes difficult for them. Racing ahead in cut throat competition the youth are moving in a rapid pace. Find out more about what is going on with the youth with

The Ministry of Youth affairs & Sports dates back to 1982. This was done to give support to the most vibrant and dynamic segment of the country's population i.e. the youth. Their aim was to involve the youth in various nation building activities. Find out what activities they engage themselves in and take a look at their Secretariat. Read about their official language and the vigilance and public grievance cell. Find out how you can become a part of this association. Take a look at their International programmes and achievements. See who their beneficiaries are. Take a look at the members of their advisory committee. Click on the site to know more. (

They aim at promoting development and potential of young people. The website has been set up as a resource center on youth. Self employment, youth information, training & activities are on top of their list for the youth. They provide information on Youth Clubs, Mahila Mandals, Self Help Groups and affiliated voluntary agencies. Take a look at their National Youth Policy geared to the fast changing socio economic scenario and future concerns of the youth. View the youth club products. Click on the link to know more.

This is the official website of Real, a non-profit organization with a mission to promote literacy among the youth. Organizing fund raisers, creating community awareness about the need for world literacy forms their main activity. More than 40% of India 's population is illiterate and hence has taken the responsibility to promote literacy among the youth as much as possible. Find out what they do to promote literacy and also take a look at their achievements, volunteers and financial statement. For a better guide on youth, click on the link above. (

This is the official website of Youth Hostels Association of India . Read about them from the site and find out the reason behind this movement for the youth. They also have their own magazine for you to read. Become a member and book your room in the hostel with them. Download their form and register. Take a look at their programmes and specially the trekking programme. Visit their photo gallery and visit ecstatic locations. The site will give you more information. Visit the link to know more. (

They believe ‘Youth has the power to make a difference'. The Indian Youth Conclave is backed by Times Foundation, The Indo-American Society and Kotak securities. They aim at finding solutions to problems faced by the youth today, move towards globalization of India , encourage national development and stimulate innovative thinking. This is an e-platform for the youth to unite and work for a better nation. Read articles, visit their help center, debate over several topics, outreach for the youth, all in this site. Find out more from the site. )

This is the web portal of the World Social Forum India. It is a platform dedicated exclusively to the youth of India where they can debate and argue various issues, exchange ideas and opinions etc. The youth associated with the World Social Forum India are opposed to neo-liberalism and capitalism; instead they aspire to build a society that will solely focus on the human being. The youth of this forum are engaged in various activities--Check-out their objectives and list of activities. The World Social Forum welcomes delegates from all corners of the world. If you want to register yourself fill-up the online registration posted on this portal. Click on this site and get a clear and comprehensive view about this famous youth forum of India.

This is a one-stop portal for the youth of India. Visit this portal and collect information on study in India, education in India, IT courses and IT training institutes of India on loads of other topics. Finding yourself at the crossroads when it comes to make a career-choice? Well don’t you worry coz this portal will guide you on how to make the right career-move. Check-out the seminar and workshops conducted by the youth forums of India. Take a look at the FAQs. Browse through the fun section and acquaint yourself with the latest songs, movies etc. that are creating a buzz all across India. If you are finding it really amazing, don’t worry lots more are in store for you here. Avail the unique opportunity of posting your queries and views online by becoming a member of this amazing forum –fill-up the online registration form --- it’s as simple as that.

Scouting for youth hostels in India? Well you need not to search anymore. This portal offers you a list of the leading youth hostels in India. Check-out the map presented here – it clearly delineates the best youth hostels of India. You will get a precise and clear idea about the top youth hostels located in different parts of India. The map is available in different resolutions and sizes --- if you are interested to purchase it just select the options and place your order online. You can also browse through the useful navigational links on related topics.

This portal presents an article on the Indian youth. This article is written on a survey conducted by the CNN-IBN news channel and the Hindu newspaper. Named the “State of the Nation Survey” it was a nationwide survey carried out on the youth of India. The survey revealed that the Indian youth are very conservative. Check-out the reports of the survey. Learn about their likes and dislikes, their priorities and preferences. This portal hosts a blog space for the youth --- take a look at the blogs posted here. If you want to air your own views register yourself as a member by clicking on this portal.

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