Top Indian Food Bloggers


India is a hub of Foodies, and that’s one of the reasons, why this place has a never ending list of dishes. Indian food is all about pampering your taste buds and remaining healthy at the same time. Indian cuisine is celebrated all over the world. Imagine if you get to make these dishes easily at home every day rather than going out once a week to enjoy it? Yes, you heard it right. Below is the list of some best food bloggers and food writers, who makes the indian dishes simple yet delectable.

List of some popular indian food bloggers

  1. Richa Hingle

    Richa Hingle is an Indian now settled in Seattle. She has been blogging since 2009. Her desire for healthy food drew her into cooking and baking. She has specialized in Vegetarian food style. Ingredients like legumes, beans, lentils, pulses, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, greens play a major role in her recipes. She doesn’t encourage using processed vegan meat substitutes, cheese, mayo, butter etc. She has always played an eminent role in positively changing the perspective of others towards vegan. She deserves a thumbs up for her passion and dedication.

  3. Sailaja

    Sailaja Gudivada, a homemaker, a beautiful mother of 12 year old, is from ‘the city of Destiny’, Visakhapatnam. She isn’t someone who jumped into cooking, one fine day and started enjoying it. She has refined her cooking skill under the guidance of her grandmother and mother. Her blog has a vast collection of homely food recipes with lot of Andhra flavors in it. Her blog is the perfect place for delectable homely food recipes.

  5. DK

    DK is the team of two. A lovely husband and wife team who work together in keeping the blog alive. This couple uses a time consuming process to create yummy recipes for the blog. They very patiently work on each recipe and so no doubt, it turns yummilicious. The blog is wholeheartedly dedicated to the vegans and thus you won’t find any non-veg recipes here. The true example of passion followers.

  7. Nags

    Nags is a telugu by birth, brought up in Kerala and now lives in Sydney. She is known for her blog which is a vast collection of some amazing recipes. Her recipes are a combo of Kerala flavors and tamil cooking style. She a better food photographer, food stylist, recipe developer, restaurant reviewer, blogger than a cook. Her honest approach towards everything makes her stand out from the crowd.

  9. Shilpa

    Shilpa, a konkani by birth and currently living in USA, is one of the top indian food bloggers and known for her blog aayi’s recipes. Her blog has a wide range of recipes which her mother (aayi) has passed on to her like a tradition. The recipes you will primarily find in her blog are Konkani style recipes. She is an ideal example for all daughters who learn the art of cooking from their mothers and take it to the next bigger level.

  11. Sia

    Sai is an Indian food blogger from southern part of India who currently lives in U.K. Cooking was something she started doing after her marriage but soon found out the passion she had for it. Most of her recipes are passed on to her by her mother. Her dishes are the reflection of indian culture. Her recipes book includes dishes for people with busy working schedules, beginner, bachelor friendly and also everyday meals.

  13. Deeba Rajpal

    Deeba Rajpal is an indian food blogger who stays in Gurgaon. Her passion for baking can be sensed in her blog easily. She is also an online food blogger (baking) for one of the largest newspapers in India, Times of India. She also keeps a deep passion in food styling, food photography, recipe development and enjoy cookbook and product reviews. Deeba Rajpal is a rising star in the world of baking.

  15. Maunika Gowardhan

    Maunika Gowardhan is an indian chef, food writer and a food blogger from Mumbai now settled in U.K. Her recipes have flavours of indian spices, and fresh herbs. She taught the food lovers, cooking can be done in different techniques and style. She writes a food column for Vogue India magazine. Her love for indian food and recipes can be seen in her blog as clear as crystals. She is known for her traditional indian food recipes.

  17. Mallika Basu

    Mallika Basu was born and brought up in Kolkata and now settled in London. She started as a blogger in the year 2006. Since then she has been spreading the magic of Indian food all around the world. Mallika has successfully proved that Indian food is not difficult to cook. It too can be simple and delicious. Her blog is so much liked by food lovers that around 25,000 foodies visit the blog in a month from around the world. The numbers of foodies are growing fast. Soon it will position itself on the top.

  19. Anushruti

    Anushruti is a recipe developer, food writer and a food blogger. Her blog divine taste is a collection of recipes she has in store with her. She has specialized in pure vegetarian and sattvic food style. Sattvic food means any cooking which is done without ingredients like meat, fish, eggs, wine, onions and garlic. Her recipes are simple, healthy and delectable. Something that is quick in cooking and delicious in taste.